Hack/Slash Turns to the Big Screen With Frederik Bond Directing


Rogue Pictures has hired commercial and music video director Fredrik Bond to direct a big screen adaptation of Hack/Slash, the popular comic book created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli.

Who is Fredrik Bond? The Swedish commercial director has been nominated , and ranked by Campaign Magazine as one of the “World’s Hottest New Directors”.

While I think comic book movies are hit or misses, you really can’t miss as long as you get a hot chick to play Cassie Hack.  Rumor has it that the screenplay is heavy on comedy and horror.

I’ll give you two choices here.  If you want the movie to be absolutely horrible but have a great ad campaign, get Megan Fox to do it.  If you want a great movie, find some chick along the lines of Kate Beckinsale or even a Natalie Portman with a push up bra.

I’m rooting for you Frederik!  Get it done big guy.

From Slashfilm via Variety

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  1. Ugh – why did I immediately think Megan Fox, too?

    I checked Bond’s imdb page…other than something called “The Mood” in 2004, the guy’s done nothing…

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