Guide to Retro Gaming: How to Prepare Your Playing Device for This

Let us go old school and retro playing the old video games tonight. Dive into the world of sweet childhood memories. My simple recommendations will make it really easy.

AV Receiver

With our professional bits of advice, you will finally meet your best AV receiver ever. Check out HelpToChoose rating if you like expert opinions and comparison charts. One of the convenient solutions is to run your old games from the older console to your HDTV using an AV receiver that has a necessary input and conversion feature. Look for some advanced hi-end receivers that have a 240p/NTSC  video input.

But make sure your TV is fine with this outdated format. Your hardware might easily handle it but the component and composite inputs might cause you some headache and take time to align properly. There is not one single HDTV plus AV receiver plus retro console combo to help you solve the issue for good. Here you might also ask for an expert opinion or talk to the salespeople. Look through the technical manuals and pick the gadgets that will work together brilliantly.


  • It is actually possible.
  • You can play retro games on your modern TV.


  • It is expensive as advanced AV receivers to run this format cost money.

Go Vintage

There is no other way to get the 100% retro gaming impression and atmosphere but to go hardcore old school. Run a retro console together with its agemate cathode ray tube TV. Yes, there are still some sold online for old school geeks like me and you. There are plenty of obstacles and disadvantages of using obsolete hardware. But think of your inner child that would be extremely pleased with playing computer games the way it was done many years ago.

You will also need to have an old style RGB (red, green and blue) cables used at the time CR TVs were made. Connecting the RGB cable to the gaming console itself might be an issue. Some older retro consoles do not support RCB. In this case, you have to also invest in SCART. In case you have never heard about it, SCART is a universal switch with inputs for the RCB cable. And it can also be quite pricey.


  • You’re going to recreate the old childhood memories.


  • The cathode ray tube TVs are dangerous.
  • The solution is pricey as nobody does TVs like that anymore.

Straight to HDTV

This idea is also pretty nice and the thought behind it is simple. Some of the upscale modern HDTVs and even Smart TVs can have built-in legacy inputs as well as upscaler. You might have to tackle certain obstacles though. The HDTV has to upscale the retro game resolution. Imagine the 240p/NTSC that has to run in 720p or more. The end image is going to look like a distorted blurry mess.

I am not trying to say that all TV upscalers are no good but the chance of you ending up with a lag is pretty high. You might have to invest into a separate an upscaler built for running retro video games on HDTVs. It is easy to get your hands on a quality hi-end upscaler, they are mass produced and available online. Take note, that good upscalers start with like $200 in case you want to have a really good quality and amazing gaming experience.

Some luxury upscalers even offer a scan line feature to make the picture look exactly the same as it did on the old school cathode ray tube TVs. Who knew old school gaming is an industry of its own right?


  • You get to play retro games on the HDTV.


  • Buying proper upscaler can be expensive.

Mock-up Clone Consoles

These are used in order to imitate your original old school console. They can be a highlight in the interior attracting the attention of your guests. You can easily find an option that can runs with original cartridges so you can use those retro games you have stored away in your parents’ house. Plus you will not have to look for the proper software.

HDTVs are compatible with these clones allowing you some amazing gaming experience and fidelity. So you know the picture quality will be good even if you do not have to use an upscaler. It is fairly simple to imagine how clone consoles operate when you think about the emulator programs. These are like emulators enclosed in a hardware case.


  • An amazing gaming experience.


  • It is expensive, up to $500 for a good clone.
  • Many cheaper rubbish versions have swarmed the market.


These are the software programs aimed at making your modern software compatible with older programs. The idea is really simple, right? Over the past years, the emulators have come a very long way. They can imitate the frame rates, shrill, cycles etc. So you will receive that retro gaming sensation you’re looking for. You do not have to worry about your operating system. Emulators can work for Mac, Linux, Windows, and others. They have gone extremely versatile, there is one for every game out there. A single game might as well have a few different emulators.

The technology is legal and the emulators are also legal.  But if you want to try and create an emulator for your own game it will require downloading some pirate ROMs. So you should keep that in mind as well.


  • Easy to find and to run.
  • A fairly affordable solution.


  • It might take you some time to find the right emulator for you.

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