Guess Who Else is a Basterd?


Yesterday we brought you Brad Pitt’s not-so-ugly mug on an Inglorious Basterds poster, and today we have our second one: Eli Roth.

He looks like a more insane version of Zachary Quinto, and has the film’s iconic baseball bat, which we’re learning was an instrumental tool in defeating the Nazis.

Seriously, can you look any more crazy than that right there? Once it’s discovered that Eli Roth has a real-life torture dungeon in his basement stacked to the rafters with bodies, this is the picture they’ll show on the news and everyone will say, “Oh, well obviously.”

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  1. Ugh. There is not a single thing about the trailer, the posters or any advance press about this movie that makes me want to see it. I have enjoyed certain Tarantino films in the past, but this really seems to have few to no redeeming qualities. Eli Roth as a director has his own problems too. Just, ugh.

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