Nathan Drake Goes Treasure Hunting on Halloween

Well folks, here it is, this year’s costume of mine that nobody recognized in real life, Nathan Drake of Uncharted. I really am just designing my costumes for the internet these days, as I know no one at the bars will actually know who I am, whether I’m Ash from Evil Dead, a Battle Royale student or a wisecracking fortune hunter. I was just impressed I got let into places dripping with this much fake weaponry.

This costume was both simple, but it added up, as $10-$20 purchases on Amazon tend to do after a while. I did my best to get holster straps that are vaguely similar to his (though I didn’t want to shell out $100 for real leather. Found a ring necklace that worked, tried to get the same watch, but had to compromise. Even got a skull belt buckle, which also had a bottle opened in it. Then of course, I needed a pistol (airsoft) and I figured I’d spring for the AK-47, as it’s what I probably use most while playing that game, even if it is a gun typically associated with Russians and Al Qaeda. Lastly, the “Desert Prince” dagger I found in the costume store is supposed to be a stand-in for the one you cart around in the second game that opens every ancient puzzle.

There’s a whole gallery of different angles of the costume, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. If it’s not cool enough for you, don’t worry, my girlfriend is getting her own post in an hour here and I’ll admit her outfits are a bit more eye-catching.

More pics below:

(click to enlarge)

Fun with weapons on the next page:

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  1. I personally LOVE this! Good job. I tried to convince my boyfriend to be Nathan Drake for Halloween. Also perfect to celebrate the release of Uncharted 3 tomorrow!!! 😀

  2. i hate your face so much. SMILE god damn it, SMILE!!

    you look like a caucasian turkish dude named murat who just lost his kebab shop in a war with the kurdish people.


  3. “you look like a caucasian turkish dude named murat who just lost his kebab shop in a war with the kurdish people.”

    Ak’s make you more 10% more ethnic, apparently.

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