Good Riddance to Entourage: This Season Failed Miserably

Does anyone remember how cool Entourage was when it first came on?  Obviously the show was a novel idea at the time so it almost couldn’t fail.  The amount of hot girls, partying, and Ari being a dick were more than enough to keep us satisfied for at least 5-6 seasons.

But something happened to the show that happens to tons of shows that are supposed to be funny and entertaining.   It tried to get serious.   The show actually strayed from all that it was:  the life of people in L.A. who are rich and get to do whatever they want.   What did it turn into?  Beverly Hills 90210 in it’s final few seasons.

It became way too dramatic and the characters started caring way too much.   The finale was an absolute joke.   How does Ari go from being the biggest scumbag, awesome shit talking, manipulative agent to a guy that throws away his career because of his daughter’s CD of a teen opera group?  FAIL.

Turtle gets thin, you don’t see him smoking weed anymore and he’s now a millionaire because of stock he sold but that Vinny held on to.  So basically he never really turned into anything he wanted to and got lucky:  FAIL

Vincent Chase just falls in love in 24 hours?  Yup, that’s in line with his character.   Give me a break.   I will say his character did remain relatively consistent throughout the show in that he always looked out for his boys but come on.   Vinny is a tail chaser and a partier.  Sure we know he’s sweet but the chick he marries?  She’d NEVER marry a guy after 1 date.   FAIL.

Drama?  Lame.   Just lame.  FAIL.

E?  I’m pretty sure no male ever liked E’s character so I almost don’t even want to bother with him in the first place.   He’s a loser.  Will always be a loser and if not for Vinny would have been a zero.  The fact he drove nice cars and got to bang Sloan is an absolute travesty.  FAIL

Sloan.   Come on.  E?  Really?  FAIL.

I loved the first 3 seasons.  The next few were OK.  This season was horrible and they did a complete disservice to society by trying to cram it into 8 episodes.   The finale was easily one of the most rushed, poorly thought out shows in the history of Entourage.

Overall an entertaining run but a disappointing end.

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  1. I think you’re wrong about Ari. In truth, the method in which it was handled was totally rushed, but I think that can be said about every plot line that they attempted to wrap up in the last episode. Going into it, I had no clue how they were going to address all the loose ends that had floating about, and I feel they could have gone on for a few more episodes to wrap things effectively.

    But back to Ari. Ari Gold’s character was obnoxious, and down right mean. However, there was one aspect of his character that always allowed him to come through as an almost good guy in my mind and that was his dedication to his family. There was never a point in the series where you could doubt his devotion to his family or that he loved his wife. It was the one thing that saved his character.

  2. @theButterFly

    I agree. Ari was always devoted to his family and he was a very impulsive person so a decision like quitting the agency to be with his family isn’t really unexpected.

    Yes Turtle got thin but he was still smoking weed and that is how the house burnt down.

    The Drama angle was good. It was nice to see him get something he really wanted and for him to realize that he was his own worst enemy when it came to his career so there was a revelation.

    The E & Sloan thing wasn’t much of a surprise to me because I saw them as destined to be together forever.

    That leaves Vince. Almost every story that involves him directly sucks and the finale was no different. I see Vince as the center of a story that is really about the other people.

    Sad to see it go but I will say that most of the story lines were wrapped up nicely and the phone call that Ari gets at the end does open the door for the movie.

  3. This was a really poor article. The “FAIL”s got incredibly annoying. It’s not even well thought-out. But I do have to agree that this season was awful. Way to jump that shark, Entourage.

  4. My main gripe with the last episode was Vinny’s girl. I had no problem believing his character would marry a woman he just met (especially after the whole Mandy Moore bitch fest in season 2 or 3). But I had a hard time believing a woman that was that put together, professional, and seemingly logical would go for it.

    I liked the wrap up with Ari (especially with the scene after the credits thrown in), I was alright with E and Sloan, Turtle and Drama were great as always, but for Vinny…just didn’t like it.

    Oh yeah, and I feel the last episode should have spanned 3 or 4 episodes or at least been an hour long. There were just WAY too many loose ends to tie up in 30 minutes.

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