Ghost in the Shell: Human Revolution


I’ve said probably a dozen times at this point that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is my favorite of the year, be it for a game or a movie. It was only a matter of time until someone did a truly excellent mashup with it, and today is that day.

I have not seen Ghost in the Shell, and I’m trying to figure out in what order I should watch the show/movies, but I can appreciate the amount of editing that went into making a video like this. Using the audio from the Deus Ex trailer, they’ve perfectly synced it up with scenes from Ghost in the Shell, and it appears the two stories share quite a bit of overlap. This is definitely on my list to check out when I have time. If someone wants to clue me in on how best to watch it, I would appreciate it.

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  2. Pretty sure the tv series is out of continuity with the original films. But honestly, you shouldn’t admit to not seeing the original film. It is truly one of the masterpieces of the science fiction genre -animated or not- and there is no excuse for a geek not to have seen it. The second film you can take or leave, the television series is hot and cold, and the third film is from the same continuity as the tv series and not the other films, but you really cannot do without the original film in your collection.

  3. watch the first one. it’s amazing, and something you should take time to watch (possibly a few times, so you can get your head around it). if you never see the rest, it’s not that big of a loss.

  4. Watch the original (as in the ORIGINAL original, not the 2.0 remastering foolishness). Sadly that’s about the only true must-watch masterpiece.

    The second movie was very good, fantastic animation, but not quite as good as the first one, and it can stand alone…almost no tie-in or knowledge of the first movie necessary.

    Ignore the rest, i.e. the TV series, which became a sad joke in comparison.

  5. Timeline wise, it goes this way:

    1st series
    2nd series
    3rd movie (Solid State Society)
    1st movie
    2nd movie (Innocence)

    However, the series are in a different continuity/universe and the tone and style of the two franchises are worlds apart anyway. I would definitely recommend people to watch the first movie first followed by the 1st series, 2nd series. 3rd movie and 2nd movie would be optional in my opinion and would be watched in that order.

  6. Above all else, watch the first movie. It is a strangely rewarding film, becoming more fulfilling after every viewing.

    I was shocked at how well-made the TV series turned out. Yoko Kanno produced some of her finest music, and Production I.G. made a fully thought-out world. The third film is like a few more episodes.

    The second film was a letdown, but picks up toward the end and becomes worthwhile for it. Was impressed by this trailer in the post, as it uses second movie footage almost exclusively, and I was more riveted by this presentation than the actual movie.

  7. @Sam: Watch out, I made a comment about the ad and my comment was removed. Guess the owners are more about getting extra revenue than pissing off their readers. I have no problem with ads, but when they stop you from viewing the site, it’s kind of pointless. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

  8. I’ll try to link it up as best I can and use IMDB search strings to better narrow it down.

    Ghost in the Shell (1995)
    Ghost in the Shell:Innocence (2004)
    Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (2008)
    The 2008 one is simply a remastered version of the 1995 movie, so only go for that if old outdated animation gets in the way of your enjoying a good story.

    The ones below are altogether a different continuity from the above titles.
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV Series 2002–2005)
    Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society (TV 2006)

    My way of getting people hooked in is to show em the first couple eps of the TV series. I found that showing the movies was over the heads of some people and so, they really couldn’t appreciate the world within. The intro eps into the series were better to ease you into the cyberpunk culture

  9. I watched and enjoyed all of Ghost in the Shell recently. It’s outstanding.

    Others have already gone over the order to watch them all in, but I’ll repeat, all of Ghost in the Shell is so worth watching.

    They may also melt your brain. Fair warning.

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