Gears of War Armor Now on Sale for the Delusional


Are you sick of your lonely job at the cubicle farm? Do you wish that you could say “#@%@ it all, I’m becoming a space marine”? Well, now you can courtesy of Nightmare Armor Studios and their new Gears of War armor kit. The Lancer is sold separately and costs $949 by itself. It seems you have to ask them specifically about the price of the armor plating, but I’m guessing it’s more than any sane person would pay for space armor. But anyone buying a full set of space armor is probably two teeth short of a chainsaw bayonet in the first place.

Seriously, what is the market for something like this? It’s most likely for cosplay, but I think it’s breaking the cosplay code to walk around in officially licensed factory-made armor. The only other thing I can think of is if you’re Dominic Purcell and you’re really, really trying to get cast as Marcus in the new Gears of War movie. Other than that, stick with going homemade.

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