Game of Thrones: Season Two


We spend a lot of time talking about shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead these days, but as those shows start to wrap up for the year, we must remember our ultimate geek TV obsession here: Game of Thrones.

I don’t think there’s ever been a more anticipated second season premiere in the last decade or so, and though there’s very little to see from production so far, this video should satiate you for the time being at least.

Not a whole lot of footage to be seen, and no dragons, baby, teenage or otherwise, but still, a brief glimpse is all it takes to get me excited again.

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  1. The books just got SO boring after book 3. It truly saddens me because I have no idea how the television series is going to get past this. The only good thing about it is that, at the pace the TV show is going, there are PLENTY of seasons worth of material. Not all of it is that great though. Thats the main reason why I just can’t get excited about this show…I know where its all going

  2. Can’t wait!
    Yay for Kingdom Of Loathing T-shirt!

    I think the reason for books 4 and 5 to be a bit more “tame” (I don’t find them boring at all) than book 3 is possibly because they were intended as a start for a second trilogy, so the pacing is a bit more like book 1. Also I don’t think there was no way to keep the “Shit hitting the fan.” attitude of the 3rd book for 4 more books, without it jumping the shark or becoming a Drizzt book.

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