A New Kind of Superhero Sighting


In a an outfit similar to The Flash, we see “Smiley Guy.”  He brings smiles to the hearts of many and hurts not a single person.  He arrives in times of sorry, and won’t leave until there is victory and happiness.

Either that or the Japanese are simply way ahead of us in terms of random comedy.   You just can’t beat the Japanese.  You really can’t.

Although, wouldn’t this guy make a funny cartoon?  I think he would.

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  1. It’s actually Anpanman…. he’s a Japanese super hero type from children’s stories. He saves people by having them eat his face… not even kidding. You can buy weird pastries and stuff with his face on it (Anpan is a type of bean-paste pastry filling). He’s already in books and in cartoon episodes!

  2. I think I hate Japan. After we nuked them they just turned all soft and ghey. Now all they contribute to society is computers and wierd shit.
    This used to be the culture that produced the samuri. I think we knocked the bad-ass right out of them as a country.

  3. I live in Japan and they produce other stuff…when I think of it I’ll let you know! Oh yeah — they have awesome sodas/drinks. That counts! lol I’m not a Japanophile, btw. I don’t like anpan, though.

  4. Yea, im pretty sure not a lot of people from the U.S. wouldn’t know what anpanman is. I love most of your articles. They are fun and fresh materials. But please be accruate next time and do some little bit of research.

  5. I have a plastic Anpanman I brought home from a Tokyo trip years ago. His head opens to reveal a space for beans or something. In case you’re hungry. I also had a small plastic guitar that would play his theme but one of my kids broke it. Anpanman is cool.

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