Possibly The Best Bill Murray Photo of All Time

Bill Murray

I’m really trying my best to think of the context of this picture.   First of all, where the hell are they?  My gut tells me this is an outdoor picture taken in New York City.  I feel like they might be under some kind of scaffolding.

Secondly, is it Halloween?  It has to be right?

Third.  What the hell tie is Bill Murray wearing?  He’s not a Southerner if I’m not mistaken.  That’s something Jeff Bridges would wear and not Bill Murray.

Finally.  This picture rules.

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  1. yea about a year ago there was this string of reports of bill murray just randomly showing up at parties in new york. ive seen a few of these pics, but this is def one of the better ones. bill murray ROCKS

  2. I think I saw the guy on the far right in a recent video talking about Bill Murray walking behind his bar and start serving drinks at the most recent SXSW

  3. From what I read on other internets earlier, he was behind the bar with rza and dza serving up drinks. Only no matter what you ordered you got tequila straight up. In conclusion, Bill Murray rocks.

  4. Hello there!

    My name’s Jon. I’m currently researching artwork for an article I’m writing for a UK magazine- ‘SXSW: In Search of Bill Murray’. It’s a SXSW festival review with a twist (I went looking for Bill Murray there this year) and I would like to possibly use a photograph in this blog. Do you own them? Do have them in original format?

    If so give me a shout. I’d credit the photographer and happily attach a link to your BLOG. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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