A Few Fight Club Style Airline Instruction Manuals

Airplane Instructions

There are countless things to like about the movie Fight Club.  That much we know.  But of the smaller moments in the movies I’d have to go with the moment all the passengers on the plans so the new “revised” airplane manual photos.

I mean let’s face it.  That moment was genius.  If we’re going down in flames then we’re going down in flames.  Why hide it?

The folks that came up with these photos had a bit of a rosier view than the Fight Club boys but their view was funny nontheless.

The other two pictures after the jump

Look, the bottom line is that at least you’d laugh if you saw these on a plane.  The real manuals suck and are so boring.  It’s kind of like sex education tapes.  Who’s really going to watch those boring 70s ones?  Not I said the sailor.

Airplane Instructions

Airplane Instructions

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