From Then To Now: Keith Gordon Directs Dexter!

Keith GordonKeith Gordon

So last night I was watching one of my favorite shows Dexter and rather than fast forwarding the intro I actually saw the opening credits.  If you must know (and Madison can attest to this) I’m a wizard with names of actors.  For some reason I can recognize any face or name that I’ve ever seen when it comes to this stuff.

So when I saw “directed by Keith Gordon” I said to myself “it can’t be.”  Could it be the same actor Keith Gordon from movies like Christine, Jaws 2, and Back to School?  The loveable dorky black haired guy who you think to yourself “how the hell did this guy land a role?

Why yes!  It’s the same guy.  Still dorky looking and more to the point, molester of children looking.  Man what happened to this guy?  I guess directing a show about a psychopath killer and insert gratuitous sex scenes (like last night’s cunnilingus) for no reason at all is absolutely perfect for Gordon.

Hey buddy!

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  1. Nice catch? o-O You’re review was inaccurate and immature. Keith Gordon has more air time than you would ever hope to achieve. He’s transitioned from acting to directing and doing quite well. Dexter is a great show and your finding some correlation with Keith and the character Dexter is moronic. Do you actually get paid for making an ass of yourself on the web?

  2. Hey Chicken shit. I submitted a response to your stupid blog and you don’t post it because I don’t buy into you bullshit. Totally lame dude.

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