The Force Unleashed 2 Features Resurrection, Space Gorillas


There were a million trailers that debuted at the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday, but I deem this one the only one worth posting. I’ll sum up Arkham Asylum by saying the streets of Gotham are crime-filled and the Joker is quite happy about it. I’ll sum up Halo Reach by saying Spartans now have accents and different types of armor.

The Force Unleahsed 2 however, is a sequel to what I think is one of the best written gams of last year (but suffered from some control and physics problems) and the trailer has the most action of any at the award show. It opens with a dualing monologue between Vader and Yoda, and ends with young Starkiller fighting a rancor-eating space ape the size of a Star Destroyer.

I have to wonder how the hell this game is going to work, because the original Force Unleashed was a perfect bridge builder between episodes III and IV and Starkiller, you know, died, but I’ll trust the crack writing team to come up with something. Oh and TURN THIS INTO A MOVIE ALREADY.

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  1. starkiller dies in one of the endings but not the other, in the other he gets worked on like darth vader did with all the electronics and such. admitedly that doesnt explain how he looks the same as he did in first one as he ended up lookin totally different.

  2. He, presumably, wasn’t dead at the end of it all. They’ve done this before; Obi-Wan left Anakin on Mustafar, presumably taking his final breaths, but he was saved. Yes, they did save Starkiller this way in one of the endings, but I’m just pointing out that death really doesn’t mean much in Star Wars (hell, Qui-Gon, Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all become “one with the force” after they die and communicate with others).

    However, I absolutely cannot wait for this game. The first was, quite easily, the best game of last year. If they incorporate multi-player into this somehow (or even a battle royale sort of deal where you fight against 2 or 3 of your foes at a time until they are all gone), I have no doubts that this will be the best game of 2010. One of the few games that I’ve seen that the story could actually be deemed as “excellent” and film worthy.

    And I agree completely. Make this into a freaking movie already. He’ll have to die in the end to keep the continuity of the series, but it will be unbelievable nonetheless.

  3. I’m excited for the game, and at first was hoping that maybe it could be his son or something a few years after the original trilogy. I thought that would be clever and delve into areas of the expanded universe only shown in books so far.

    But i doubt that’s what it’ll be.

    And since when does Star Wars care about it’s own continuity?

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