For Their 25th Birthday, Ninja Turtles Get a New Movie


I’m not sure which is more shocking. The fact that there’s going to be a new Ninja Turtles movie, or that the Ninja Turtles have been around for 25 years.

In any case, both facts are true, but I’m guessing you want to know more about the movie than about the Turtles’ birthday party. Hint: It involves pizza.

I know you’re saying “But they just made a Ninja Turtles movie!” and you’re right, but that was CGI and it totally sucked. THIS project is a live-action origin story, it’s set to come out in 2011 and Peter Laird, the Turtles’ creator, is one of the producers.

Problem is, unless they get Guillermo Del Toro to do costumes, I’m willing to bet that the Turtles themselves will still be all sorts of creepy CGI, and presumably they’ll all be voiced by celebrities. Seth Rogen as Donatello! Jack Black as Leonardo!

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  1. sadly, i see Jack Black as Michelangelo. but i agree with frankie, and they shouldn’t let him anywhere near this movie, he will find a way to ruin it.

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