Five Harry Potter Spin Off Movies That Would be Awesome

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out in 2001 as a supplement of sorts to the Harry Potter series, serving to provide fans with more information about magical creatures while also raising funds for poor children in countries situated all around the world. More than a decade later, it has been adapted into a movie by the same name using a screenplay written by J.K. Rowling in her screenwriting debut, coming complete with a narrative starring the supposed writer of the original book. In total, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has earned more than $770 million so far, which is much more than its production and marketing costs, which total up to $330 million. As a result, it seems probable that there will be more and more movies based on the setting laid out in the Harry Potter series, not least because there are a wide range of characters with their own stories to tell besides the titular character.

Here are five examples of Harry Potter characters whose stories would make for awesome movies in their own right:

Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore wasn’t always the Headmaster of Hogwarts. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that he has had his fair share of adventures, with his exploits in World War 2 being the most interesting example that has been revealed to us so far. In brief, Dumbledore was friends with a magical supremacist named Gellert Grindelwald in his youth, so much so that the two had actually drawn up plans to create a new world order in which wizards and witches would rule over their non-magical counterparts for the sake of the “Greater Good.”

However, this came to an end when Dumbledore’s younger brother confronted Dumbledore over his neglect of their younger sister, kicking off a three-way duel that resulted in her accidental death when a spell went astray. While that was it for the friendship between the two men, Grindelwald went on to terrorize the continent with the Elder Wand until Dumbledore mustered up the will to bring him to justice in 1945, resulting in what has been described in the Harry Potter series as the greatest duel of the age.

Neville Longbottom

Harry Potter spent what would have been his seventh year at Hogwarts on the run, meaning that we didn’t get much more than a glimpse of what was happening at the school under Voldemort’s control. Considering his critical role in the final battle against the Death Eaters as well as his status as someone who could’ve been in Harry’s shoes had Voldemort made a different choice when he heard part of the prophecy, Neville Longbottom seems like the natural choice for a viewpoint character on what was happening in Hogwarts, particularly since he started out less than impressive but managed to become one of the more courageous characters in the series. Such a movie would overlap here and there with Parts 1 and 2 of the seventh Harry Potter movie, but a change of perspective should prove more than enough fresh material at the end to hold the attention of movie viewers.

Bill Weasley

Bill Weasley is what is called a Curse-Breaker for a branch of Gringotts Bank in Egypt. In further detail, this means that he is responsible for countering curses as well as other sorts of danger that can be found in tombs and other historical sites, meaning that he is basically the magical equivalent of Indiana Jones. It might not be good archaeology, but considering the nature of his job, it seems probable that a fair chunk of his day-to-day work would be more than interesting enough to make for a good narrative on the movie screen.

Charlie Weasley

Dragons have been a popular part of the human imagination since the earliest civilizations. This can be seen in the ancient Mesopotamian Kur, the ancient Greek dracones, and the ancient Chinese long. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that dragons seem to have managed to retain their appeal for modern audiences as well if a look through fantasy books, movies, and TV series is any indication. Since Charlie Weasley is a Dragon Keeper in Romania, his day-to-day work seems just as filmable as that of his older brother, particularly if the theoretical screenwriter managed to work in modern issues such as the poaching of endangered animals for the sake of stealing their body parts for use in all shorts of shady applications.

The Marauders

We have had glimpses of the Marauders here and there throughout the Harry Potter series, but we have never had more than that. For that matter, we have never gotten a good look at what was happening during the Voldemort’s first rise, which laid the foundations for so much of what happened in the books. We can guess a fair amount of it based on the consequences seen in the Harry Potter series but guesses are never a good match for seeing the full thing, which is why a movie focused on the Marauders seems like an obvious choice for a Harry Potter spin off movie. Although we know that James and Lily Potter will end up dead in their home, Sirius Black will end up imprisoned in Azkaban for something he didn’t do, Remus Lupin will drift off like a pale shadow of himself, and Peter Pettigrew will hide out as a rat with blood on his metaphorical hands, movies do not have to have happy endings for them to be worth watching.

For that matter, it is important to note that James and Lily’s actions at the end of their stories can be seen in an almost triumphant light that could more than offset any such darkness. After all, they knew that they would be outmatched by Voldemort but they decided to go down fighting anyways for the sake of their newborn child. Although the couple died in the process, their ultimate victory is a reminder of the strength of the human spirit, which is what has always enabled us to break through the darkness in order to catch precious glimpses of the light.

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