Five Game of Thrones Actors and Actresses in Other Interesting Roles


How excited are we right now? Game of Thrones is about to be back for its fourth season, and you can feel the rumble of excitement, buzzing all around. The feeling that we will inevitably lose characters we love. The inevitability we will see other characters we love in various states of undress. The realization that there will be tone and power shifts, all season long. It is the kind of thing that puts a burning in my loins. My loins burn with excitement for the return of this marvelous series. That is when the idea for this article hit me. How about we bridge the gap in the next month waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones with some films starring actors and actresses from that show? You can use this as a sort of quick fix while waiting for Game of Thrones to officially return in April. Please note, things get fairly insane by the last entry.

Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent


Peter Dinklage, you are kind of the best thing that ever happened to anything. Ever. 

I realize that this is the movie most people talk about when they talk about Peter Dinklage’s work before GOT, but I wanted to bring it up again just in case some of you missed it. It is an awesome film, and anyone who saw it could feel the power coming out this man. He radiates a type of charisma that is hard not to get swept up in.

Part comedy, part drama, The Station Agent sees Dinklage playing Finbar McBride. A man who loves and adores trains, and pretty much hates people for the way they treat him because of his size. He ends up getting an abandoned train station in the will of a friend of him who passed away (and owned a train hobby shop that Finbar frequented and found solace in). He then moves in to the train station, and his life becomes meshed with some other colorful folks. I will not spoil the journey, but will tell you, Tyrion would not exist the way we know him now, had Peter Dinklage not taken this brave and brilliant role, years ago.

Nikolas Coster-Waldau in Headhunters


Dude is handsome. I mean, come on, this is 2014. A man can admit that about another man.

Yes, you will notice a trend here . I shall open said list with Lannisters, and work my way back. It is a power thing. Always acknowledge the person (or people) first who are most likely to kill you. In this case, Nikolas Coster-Waldau was in a brilliant Norweigan film based off the similarity brilliant book. The funny thing here is, he very much plays what I would consider a modern version of his Jamie Lannister character here (which is a compliment). He is charming, cunning, and one step ahead of everyone.

Headhunters is a movie about, you know what? I have talked about this before here, and do not want to ruin what makes it work so well (which is to say, an incredibly tightly woven plot where no one can trust anyone else) so just see the movie and marvel (and gag) at the outhouse scene. Headhunters kicks ass. Just a great film, start to finish.

Lana Heady in Dredd

Dredd 3D-Lena Hadley-Ma-Ma

I’d still have sex with her. I have serious problems.

Another movie I have spoken about before, but one I could never grow tired of talking about. I am pretty sure we are all in solid agreement that Dredd was a friggin’ amazing movie. It captured the gritty feel of the comic book it was based on perfectly, and it also showed us just how bad this woman could get. Almost went with Lana Heady in 300 for this entry, but Dredd edged it out for awesome.

Heady as Ma-Ma in this awesome reboot just redefined the idea of a mad matriarch. She has no regard for human life, and will do anything she has to in order to meet her goals, no matter how much stands in her way. Also found it quite remarkable how they made this lovely women look like she had just been dragged through a barbed wire desert. She looked the part, and by God, she played it, right up until the end. Spoiler alert:

Sorry to say this, but Dredd made death look AWESOME!

Sean Bean in The Hitcher (Remake)


Please tell me he is drawing a Pac-Man ghost…

See, I threw  wrench in with this one. Whereas normally, Bean is the hero, let us not forget, he can do bad guy pretty well, too. While I almost put the movie Black Death on here, he seems so similar to Ned Stark in that movie, I just decided to go in other direction. Bond villain would have been too obvious. As much as I didn’t want there to ever be a Hitcher remake because I think Rutger Hauer is the man, let it be known that Sean Bean is REALLY creepy as Hell in this movie.

Rather than tell you, how about in this one instance I SHOW you. Ned Stark this is not:

Watch this first, and you don’t feel as bad about Ned losing his head.

This movie also fits into Sean Bean’s “I love to die in every role” fetish. I don’t even think I need to Spoiler Alert that. That is a well known cinema fact.

Emilia Clarke in Triassic Attack


That screaming pic is, literally, the greatest thing my eyes have seen in a very long time.

Wait, wha, how? Yes, this is real. The above favorite photo is my new favorite thing ever. I wanna flip it and make it a meme, so the screaming Emilia is on the top, and the Khaleesi Emilia is on bottom, and I wanna write: First I was (screaming pic), then I was like (Khaleesi pic). I think that would the best thing ever, internet won, game over. Someone please do that and send it to me here.

Yes, before Emilia Clarke went full Khaleesi on us, she was playing Savannah in the SyFy original 2010 movie, Triassic attack. Please note, nowhere on this list did I say all these movies were good. Hell, even in the title I said “interesting”, and this is why I chose that word. I guess we all have to get our start somewhere, but how the Hell she landed the Khaleesi role after that is beyond me. Oh wait, I think I figured it out.

Emilia’s Agent calls HBO, and the call opens like this:

“Listen, I have the perfect Khaleesi for you, and good news, she has worked with dinosaurs and has a great repore with them, so dragons wont be a problem at all.” Bam, and she got the job.

Also, her being really good looking and willing to get naked (initially) certainty didn’t hurt with that casting.


I bet that dragon is such a cock-blocker. Dragons suck like that.


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