Five Actors Who Should Play “The Batman” Now That Affleck is Gone

None of us can argue that Batman has long been a much beloved character. He is one of the most iconic characters in the super-hero world! Over the years we have seen many brilliant actors such as Christian Bale and Michael Keaton portray the epic super hero, and most recently, Ben Affleck. But Affleck recently reported that he is not staring in the forthcoming film though because the film takes place in a different time, with a much younger Bruce Wayne. So, fans are all buzzing about who might be the next face of this amazing super-hero. Well, here is a fun list of five actors who should totally get a shot at playing the super hero!

1. Taylor Lautner

He is obviously a super cutie, so he is certain to awe the ladies in the audiences and keep them enthralled in the film. Plus, his work in the “Twilight” films has proven that he can, very convincingly, act out some seriously strong emotions and make them quite believable. He is one actor who isn’t afraid to shed some real tears on the big screen, and those acting skills will most certainly come in handy when portraying a troubled character like Bruce Wayne.

2. Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel has starred in some of the biggest hit movies and his name, alone, carries quite a bit of weight in the acting world. After playing a troubled young boy in the “Harry Potter” films for so many years, this actor has a knack for acting out all of those tough and emotional scenes. Not to mention, he kind of looks like a younger version of Bruce Wayne too, and it is always a plus when you can find an actor who actually looks similar to the character themselves. There is no doubt that Daniel could capture the true essence of Bruce Wayne in any Batman film.

3. Johnny Simmons.

Johnny is quite the heart throb, but could also pull off an awkward, unsure, earlier version of Bruce Wayne, before he came across his strength. Simmons’ acting skills have showcased that he can pull off both the awkward kid as well as the tough kid, and it would definitely seem beneficial to the role of a young Bruce Wayne, who is fairly uncertain and awkward himself. Another reason that Simmons could be such a good fit is that he has never had any ground-breaking roles, although not for lack of talent. The fact that his face is still somewhat fresh and new in the Hollywood world makes it a lot more fun, rather than to cast someone who is rather typecast.

4. Logan Lerman

Not only does he accurately capture the true appearance of a young Bruce Wayne, but much like a young Bruce Wayne, Logan is skilled at acting out different kinds of roles. His performance in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” was not only brilliant, but proves that Logan’s acting skills would take him far in any role he ever decided to pursue. Many of his roles are of characters who begin rather wounded or awkward or different and as the movie progresses, the characters grow and learn and become rather incredible. This only heightens the prospect of him landing such an iconic role. There is no doubt Logan would absolutely kill it.

5. Jamie Campbell Bower

Not only does he have a very sophisticated, British, handsomeness to him, but his acting skills are almost ethereal. He can portray many different types of characters and personalities, and there is no doubt that he could pull off a really awesome, young Bruce Wayne. Also, much like Simmons, listed previously, he is a semi-fresh face in the lime-light world. There is no doubt that he could portray quite a fun and very handsome young Batman.

And that is my list of my top five actors whom I would like to see in the upcoming Batman role. I know we’re all looking forward to see who might get cast.

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