Five Actors That Seem Older Than They Actually Are

Everyone in Hollywood who is anyone is always trying to look younger.  That’s just a fact of life and there’s no getting around it.  The lengths to which people go to achieve this youthful look is astonishing.

But there are some actors who don’t seem to care.  Well if they do care I don’t notice.  And if they don’t care whatever.   The point is we spend so much time worrying about people who still look young but what about those people that actually seem older?  I didn’t say “look” older, I just think they seem older.

It’s usually because they’ve been around so long that it would appear that these people had more years on them, but it looks like they’ll still be around for a while…..

Leonardo DiCaprio – 35

I’m amazed that DiCaprio is a mere 4 years older than me.  Mainly because I remember watching the guy on Growing Pains.  But doesn’t it just seem like he’s had the kind of career someone in their 50s would have had already?  He should easily be pegged as someone in his 40s and I’m amazed that he’s still 5 years shy of that decade.  He’s a phenomenal actor and I look forward to whatever he does for the next 30 years…at least.

Julia Roberts – 42

Remember that Pretty Woman came out in 1990.  That’s 20 years ago!  To think that she was 22 in that role is kind of weird.   Roberts doesn’t look 50 or anything like that but you’d think she might actually be that age considering her career.

Vince Vaughn – 39

Talk about a guy whose aged really crappily.  Vaughn is a guy that does fit the “looks older” label.  I’d have never guessed he’s not at least 45.  Funny because he looked so young in Swingers (which he was) but when all those Wedding Crasher movies came out the guy just got stale.  Now he’s baggy under the eyes and should be going to the same bar every day.    39.  Tough to believe.

Meryl Streep – 61

I’m surprised Streep isn’t at least 70.  This is a woman who goes back to the 70s, not 80s with award winning type roles.  I mean it’s pretty amazing that she’s been in 4 decades worth of quality films and she’s only 61?    I’d have at least thought 65.  Plus I think she’s pretty damned attractive.  I’m a huge fan of Streep.

Charlie Sheen – 44

How Charlie sheen isn’t at least 65 is beyond me…period.

*Bonus – Matt Damon – 39

I’m just very surprised Damon isn’t 40 yet.   No real reason.  I’m just miffed.


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