First ‘Prince of Persia’ Trailer is Sand, Sand, Sand, Jake and Sand.


Look, I’ve watched this at least three times at this point, but for whatever reason, I just can’t get into the mindset that this movie is going to be good. Yes, it looks exactly like a $200M version of the video game, and there are some pretty damn cool effects in there, but I just am not buying Jake G. as the Prince, and despite how much it wants to be, I don’t see this being the next Pirates of the Caribbean simply because it’s PG-13 and a lot of money was spent making it.

It’s hard to explain what exactly is missing from this for me to make it a good idea, but there definitely is something not there. I will most definitely be seeing this regardless, because I have to, but I just don’t know if this has what it takes to be the world’s second ever successful game-movie franchise (after Resident Evil). Granted it will have a much better chance as despite all the swordplay, it will definitely be PG-13, but I can’t help but wish this was God of War that Bruckheimer adopted rather than the very similar Prince, but I don’t even want to talk about that film right now, as the though of Brett Ratner pissing all over it is almost too much to handle.

But I don’t know, it does look rather fun, and there aren’t a hell of a lot of decent family friendly-ish action flicks these days. It’s already better than Transformers.

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  1. yeah, they could have found some other actor to be the prince. i mean come on, jack G has to grow a beard and stay under the tanning bed for a couple of weeks to look remotely brown.

    this movie is ending up looking more or less like a grown up Aladin.

  2. Why are you so specific about “second” most successful francise?
    I don’t know what to expect. It will not be Pirates, it will rather be like the mummy movies

  3. The biggest thing this film will be missing? Much like prince caspian, whilst gunning for pg 13 i’ll guarantee you there won’t be one drop of blood. In prince, he literally pulls his sword out from a grown man’s chest and it looks as though he’s just had it polished.

    One of my favourite things about the next-gen prince PoP’s was the timing and brutality involved in instant kills, where everything slows down whilst you flip over a balcony and cut some guards head off.

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