‘Final Fantasy XIII’ Xbox 360 Box Art is Sacrilege


The kind of sacrilege I can rub in my PS3-loving friend’s FACE. Gimme that Uncharted and GOW and you’ve got NOTHING LEFT.

All of this is useless however, as within ten years consoles will be dead and everything will be digital distribution, either through streaming or downloads.  And I’ll be driving my hovercar.

But seriously, I’m pretty pumped about FFXIII on the 360, even if it does have to come on eighteen different discs.  I’m also super excited to find out if that’s a dude or a chick on the cover.

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  1. @ lagrange

    Yeah I’d be gay for that dude. Toats McGoats.

    Plus he’s got one hard nipple. Yum.

    When I made the jump from my PS2 to the 360 I was afraid that this was one family of games I’d have to give up on, but not now. FFXII was amazing and arguably the most similar game to World of Warcraft on a console. Needless to say, I’m pumped up for this one too and I’m excited to see what it will be like as FF’s debut on the 360.

  2. Yeah, I was going to point that out.

    Still, now more of my friends can play my favourite series. Didn’t like ff12 too much, not enough control. Also, definitely a girl

  3. Its most definitely a chick, you boys can hump away guilt free, she supposed to look like Cloud of FF7(pointless). Im so excited, can’t wait for it to come out. March is soo far way, thankfully Bayonetta will keep me company till then, wahay. BJD.

  4. I have to say, I love my PS3. I also love my 360 and PC (hate my Wii though) but not as much. I find it so much more enjoyable and far more accessible than the add on crazy 360 especially.

    Sony, ever since releasing the original Ps 15 years ago have pioneered some of the best games on the market today, most of which Microsoft have to thank for their current exclusives.

    So, I therefore find it funny when idiots such as Paul say they are going to rub things like Final Fantasy becoming multi platform in the faces of PS3 fans, or one in particular as is the case here because any self respecting game fan will know that the worst thing to happen to any decent game is make it multi platform (if it wasnt already). It means reducing the development team and their time working on the game making a once great title into nothing more than another quick and easy conveyor belt product like Soul Caliber, Timesplitters and Sonic The Hedghog.

    Also take this point. Microsoft have aquired 2 “huge” playstation exclusives this year. FF and Tekken. However, would it not be more realistic to say Microsoft have aquired the two most beaten out franchises on Sony’s machine? Including the latest releases you’re looking at around 20 releases between 2 franchises in 15 years. That’s (for those of you that cant count) nearly 4 games every 3 years!!

    It’s funny that considering Microsoft, in all their presentations, claim they are “taking Sony’s big exclusives” when we can clearly see, all they are doing is “buying into” those franchises whose developers are worried that they might have flogged that dead horse one time too many.

    As I said, I love my 360 but I’m realistic in terms of exclusives, reliability, accessiblilty and quality and for me it kinda falls a bit short of it’s main rival.

    I think Sony on the other hand landed a real coup when the got Bioshock 1 and 2. This is a title that most 360 fanboys (like our mate Paul here) were running around screaming about in defense of their console choice and would have been possibly the most anticipated excusive release in recent years. BUT Sony managed to nab that before it peaked, rather than waiting 7 years (I say only 7 because that’s how long Microsoft have been in the console race) to take it when it’s on it’s way out.

    Final Fantasy was never one of my favourite games (although my brother loves it) and Tekken, although I loved the 2nd, 3rd and 4th have really lost their appeal since the re-emergence of Street Fighter.

    So Mr Tassi, I hope you’re “PS3 loving friend” reads this post as I share his feelings and I can gaurantee you, until games like God of War, Killzone, Little Big Planet or Uncharted show up in lime green cases, he’ll not be too worried.

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