Absurdly Epic ‘Final Fantasy XIII Trailer’ – Now in English!


Dear lord, only Final Fantasy could have a seven minute long trailer and get away with it. The androgyny count of these clips is at least double the series’ average, as  of the three people who look like hot chicks, two of them are ACTUALLY hot chicks, where one is a dude. And the one guy I thought actually sort of looked like a dude to begin with (due to his chin scruff) I only think passed for one because he’s wearing a hat and I can’t see the full extent of his long blonde locks.

Also, it creeps me out just how hot THIS chick is:


We are truly moving into a terrifying new level of CGI. Pretty soon it won’t even be creepy that I’m attracted to this girl, because everyone will be convinced she’s a real actress hired to act in the game’s cutscenes. Progress!

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  1. HAHAHA, you gotta hand it to the Japanese for the ultra cheese in these games. seriously, where do they find these lines. I do have to say that the Japanese make the best hair animation in any game.

  2. 1) I understand as much about the current Final Fantasy series as I do about linux kernal libraries. Ah, college and Final Fantasy III.

    2) My skills (and time) to play these type of games failed about 7 years ago.

    3) I’m guessing in about 3 years games will look like today’s cutscreens in realtime quality.

    At least I can get a taste of the games through Youtube when people post run throughs. Makes me jealous, bitter, and looking for an axe… 🙂

  3. I love how you how you make fun of people for thinking cartoons are hot, but think that… that face is hot. Uhhg. it’s just creepy, the eyes are too big, and the chin is too small, it’s like the traditional alien head.

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