Fallout: Nuka Break – An Excellent Fan Film


It’s no stretch of the imagination to think that at some point we’re going to see a Fallout feature film in theaters. And because Hollywood can’t turn a good video game into a good movie to save their lives, it’s probably going to be terrible.

Thankfully, the community that knows the game best is the fans, a few of whom have taken it into their own hands to make as a short film set in the Fallout universe. The team at Wayside Creations has made Nuka Break, a sixteen minute film that focuses on a fat vault dweller, a surly ghoul and a smokin’ hot runaway slave. The film follows their journey across the wasteland, and though you might not expect it from Fallout, it’s actually a comedy, and a good one at that!

Check it out above, and I hope we see more adventures from this trio in the future.

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  1. Actually, that’s exactly what to expect from a fallout movie. Dark comedy at it’s best. Ricky Gervais could be the vendor… Let me get on that script…

  2. I don’t really get why people call the fallout series ‘dark’ and ‘serious’. A game where you can use a sledgehammer to ambush a giant scorpion is not a dark game.
    Still, pretty fun video.

  3. You left out the Half-Life 2 short when you copied this from Geekologie. Was that like, an attempt to throw us off, or do you hate Half-Life? Or was it the short you didn’t like? If it’s any of the later two I’mma stop reading your site.

  4. I like Geekologie, and we do cover similar subject matter, but at most the overlap is like 3-4 posts out of 50+ every week, and I usually don”t find whatever it was on their site first, and if I do, I don’t copy what they say about it. This Fallout video was actually specifically e-mailed me by a reader. I have not seen the Half-Life video you’re talking about.

  5. Fair enough. Consider it officially suggested:
    In my opinion it’s superior. The acting isn’t drama class level and the editing is far superior, screenplay is awesome, however there are a few inaccuracies compared to the game. Not to mention the zombies (seriously, are those supposed to be headcrab infested people, or?)
    What I really appreciated was the nod at the Opposing Force’s protagonist, Adrian Shepard.

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