Facebook Poking in Real Life


Back in my day, Facebook didn’t even have a wall yet, so the main form of communication was through poking. No one was really sure what poking meant, but it was suspicious that hot girls received pokes from random guys at a much higher rate.

Well, what if one of those girls tried to track down own of those random pokers and ask them what their deal was? The result is uh, not exactly what I expected, and feel free to see what you make of it in the video above.

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  1. It was an interesting premiss to what could have been a documentary, until it became blatantly obvious at the end that it was an ad for a new phone. I should have picked up on it when the narrator dropped the name of the phone when Rosa was sent on her way.

  2. So some guy poked cute chick 🙂 hmmm why is that? They want to be friends, he wants to see is she happy person give me a break.

    He saw cute girl and said to him said whish I can have her but I don’t have chance. But there is some remote chance that I will poke her and she will write me something and I will to her and she will love me for what I am inside.

    Poke: Gesture used by people with low self-esteem to get person of opossite sex to have sex with them.

    Takes one to know one.

    Write, would you like to share hot tub with me sometimes, that is at least honest.

  3. I agree with #sonny. I’d love to see this as a documentary with a slightly different aim. More of a “what’s the point?” without coming up with some BS explanation of what the point really is…and allowing the awkwardness of each encounter speak for itself.

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