Executing the Rocket Jump in Real Life


Everyone who has ever played any sort of combat multilayer game has used an explosion to boost their jump at one point or another. In Halo, it’s usually grenades, in Quake it’s a rocket launcher, and that’s what we see happening here from guess who, Freddie Wong. As long as this dude keeps making awesome videos, I’m sure as hell going to post them.

Where do you even get a gun stash like this? Wong must just go through Michael Bay and Ted Nugent’s dumpsters at night.

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  1. Well that was an expended AT-4, which isn’t that hard to get if you know the right people. But that looked like a legit M249 SAW up in the gunner’s post, not some lame Airsoft. SO I AM quite currious where he aquired THAT.

  2. Haha i learned about him from you and now i have subscribed to his channel. Watched this yesterday and was laughin really hard from the whole concept and especially the music when he jumps… EPIC

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