Even I Wouldn’t Have a Pokemon Wedding Cake

Yes, I am posting this cake ironically, as I understand that I just wrote about a video that makes fun of Kotaku for making inordinate amounts of video game cake posts. I am going to claim that we’re allowed to do this because we aren’t a fully staffed gaming news site, and also this is like the first cake I’ve posted all year.

You may think that I’m somewhat obsessed with Pokemon, as I post about it frequently (though haven’t played a title in eight years), but even I would probably draw the line at a Pokemon wedding cake that would likely result in a divorce before the reception was even over. And the bride and groom are Jesse and James? I’m pretty sure James was gay. And Jesse was just a bitch. Ash and Misty would be the obvious replacement, but I could accept Brock and Nurse Joy as well.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. I’m calling shenanigans on the title of this post. You know you would definitely have a poekmon wedding cake. Anyone you would want to marry would already know of your love/obsession for poekmon.

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