So What the Hell is an ‘Entourage’ Movie Going to be Like?


Recently, Mark Wahlberg dropped the bomb that there is going to be an Entourage movie at some point when the show finally takes a bow, in the tradition of Sex in the City. He offered no other details than that, causing me to speculate on just what an Entourage movie would consist of. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the show was the shit about four years ago, but since then, they’ve been averaging about 1.5 good episodes a season, as they’re simply just running out of ideas.

The show can barely keep a twenty minute episode going without large chunks of filler sprinkled into it, how the hell are they going to come up with a feature length film? Also, I can’t even begin to imagine just how many cameos the movie will try to cram in. With an average of 2.5 an episode, they should have about 87 in the film version. Don’t question my math.

All this being said, I’ll pay a $7.50 student price to go see this thing in theaters. I think most shows deserve a fitting end, and that’s usually something that can’t be crammed into a double-sized episode. It worked for Firefly, I hear it worked for Sex in the City, and hopefully it will work for Arrested Development. I’ll give Entourage a shot too I guess.

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  1. Except Firefly was still good when the movie was made. I ended up renting the 2nd half of the episodes ’cause they jerked it around so much I couldn’t even find it anymore. Kind of like the end of Bab5.

  2. I’ll tell you what is going to happen in the movie Paul.

    1) Ari will yell at Lloyd. Make an incredibly misogynistic comment to his wife. They have sex. Ari yells at Lloyd again.
    2) Drama will get irrationally upset about something minuscule and do something stupid.
    3) Eric will get into some sort of misunderstand with the girl that he is seeing (or married to…still trying to wrap my mind around that one) because he is to stupid/proud to just tell her the truth.
    4) Vince will have sex with some girl that he happened to buy a bagel, or newspaper, or watch from earlier in the episode (
    5) Turtle will smoke weed. Possibly while wearing a baseball cap.
    6) Cue stylish slow motion sequence with an awesome yet instant recognizable song playing behind it.
    7) Roll credits.

    At least that is what works on the show. Did I miss anything?

  3. Thank you Paul. It is a sad fact that you can basically take those 6 elements rearrange them toss in some cameos and you have pretty much plotted out the every episode of the series. Toss in an over riding story arc of “We’re going to make a movie…We’re not going to make a movie.” and you have an entire season.

    In spite of that I have to admit that I do enjoy the show and watch it whenever I have the chance. It is a show of characters that are fairly one note, but really good at that one note. I guess you have to appreciate the show for what it is, a gigantic male fantasy. Who hasn’t had that dream of going out to Hollywood and taking along your best buds for company, banging hot chicks, driving awesome cars and getting really high? (Actually, my version of this dream usually involves us all moving into the White House, but same difference.) Sadly, the show is a bit of a modern “Archie Comic” in the respect that the creative mids behind the show appear hesitant to allow the characters to grow outside of their box and mess with the formula that has kept the show going for so long. What is most galling is how we are constantly taunted with personal growth, only to have that growth reversed or imploded in an often awkward fashion. The end of the most recent season is a perfect example. We saw Lloyd finally grow a spine, Ari possibly get a heart, Drama possibly start to get his second wind career wise and Eric get married. However, as proof that the writers don’t like to let their toys out of their boxes by the end of the finale, Drama had self destructed over Dean Cain, and Lloyd was back working for Ari. Developments that have to make you wonder if the writers were running around going “F*CK! Ari isn’t as fun without Lloyd to yell at. How do we get them back together?” Or “F*CK! Drama can’t be successful.” I wont lie. I half expect that by the time the next season rolls around they will have forgotten all about the fact that Eric married Sloan.

    Sorry…I think I got off on a bit of a tangent. One final thought. Whomever sound tracks this show is brilliant. I know I made fun of the slow-mo music sequences, but really, they are one of the main reasons that I watch the show. Oh, and for Lloyd too. He’s awesome!

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