Eleven Memorable Movie Werewolves

Reverend Lowe – Silver Bullet


Reverend Lowe is a deceptive scumbag, but the strangest thing about him isn’t that he’s a werewolf.  It’s that he lost an eye to a rocket that was fired from a wheelchair.  You don’t hear about that too often.

Captain Richard Ryan – Dog Soldiers


The lone survivor of a mysterious attack on his special forces team, Ryan turns into a werewolf and attacks a squad of British Army soldiers.  Like so many werewolves before him, it’s silver that does him in, in the form of a letter opener.

Eddie Quist – The Howling


Eddie, a rapist and murderer, abandons the idea that werewolves can live with humans without butchering them.  He prefers the way things used to be when werewolves could do whatever they wanted without being scrutinized by other, more modern-thinking werewolves.  Acid isn’t enough to stop Eddie, but our old friend the silver bullet manages to do the deed just fine.

Remus Lupin – Harry Potter and the Prisonewr of Azkaban


One of Harry Potter’s professors, Lupin does his best to hide his lycanthropy, but of course, Harry discovers Lupin’s true nature.  With the exception of the Howard Boys, Lupin is the only werewolf in this article that isn’t a bloodthirsty killing machine when he’s in his wolf form.  He’s forced to tender his resignation to Hogwarts anyway.

Are there any werewolves you thought should have been included?  I mean, besides the craptastic CGI piles of feces that appeared in Van Helsing?  Lemme know!

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  1. I think the best werewolf of the list is the american werewolf in london. Another one (that it´s more like an old angry cat) could be Michael Jackson´s one in the Thriller video…

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