Destined for Greatness

I’ll give you a few hints as to who exactly this is. It’s a video game developer (pictured with his mother) who would go on to create iconic titles in the industry. Usually such men would be nerds early on in life, but not so with this guy, who looks like he was pulled off the set of a live-action Akira film when this was taken.

I’m going to save the answer for after the jump, and you really should get it by his pure badassery.

That’s right, it’s Hideo Kojima, the man being Solid Snake and the Metal Gear Solid series. Please tell me you didn’t think this was Miyamoto. This is young Miyamoto. Yeah, seems more appropriate doesn’t it?

UPDATE: Nevermind, from the comments:

“That’s Kamiya, creator of DMC and Bayonetta. Kojima did post a picture of himself in his Twitter, as you can see in this post:

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  1. Just when you mentioned the Akira reference I had an awful recollection that I read somewhere that they were planning on making a live action remake.

    I did a bit of checking and lo and behold, this could one day happen.

    I’m so worried that a live action version of Akira will ruin my childhood memories of watching one of the best Mangas of all time. Next thing they’ll be doing Ghost in the Shell.

    Oh wait, the Wachowskis completely ripped most of that off when they made the Matrix.

    Damn Hollywood and their eternal lust for remakes.

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