Definitely Not Liveblogging the 24 Season 7 Premiere Part 2


There’s no what, Jack?

I did the whole liveblogging thing yesterday, and as much as I love doing that, I’m thoroughly exhausted, and just want to sit down and watch 24 normally, without having to pause it on Tivo every four seconds to write down some clever quip.

As you recall, I didn’t take too kindly to last night’s episode. I found it to be nothing out of the ordinary, and despite being ticking bomb-less, was less than what I expected.

However, tonight…was ****ing great. Seriously, my hopes for this season have been greatly raised, and I’m thinking that this season might not completely be a waste of 24 hours of my life after all.

Tony is a double agent, working with Bill and Chloe. That plot twist alone made the entire night worth while. I always knew Tony wasn’t actually bad, but working with Bill and Pouty McPoutface behind the scenes? Fantastic.

The explanation for his resurrection was kind of lame (the terrorists injected him with..something…sometime…and then he started working for them?), but the whole premise is great. Not exactly sure how Bill Buchanan working out of a barn acquired all the intel to bring down the federal government, but I’ll roll with it for now.

Now alongside Tony, Jack is infiltrating probably the dumbest terror cell ever, since they believe Jack is legit since he acts all crazy on their henchmen for thirty seconds. Guess they haven’t read the paper for I don’t know, the last seven years?

All in all I’m extremely satisfied with the direction of the season after this last two hours, and I’m hoping nothing stupid comes along and screws it up, since I was saying the same thing after the first four episodes of the last season.

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