Debate of the Day: What’s Your Favorite (Other) Website and Why?

Alright, time for some questions for the audience! Our analytics may tell us things like which sites are “similar” to ours, but that’s not really a true representation of what other sites you guys like to frequent other than this one. I just wanted to ask you as readers, what other sites you usually frequent, be they similar to or different from ours. I know Unreality is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet ever, but I’m wondering where else you guys usually spend your time online.

If you tell me a few of your favorites, it’s possible I could reach out to them and become link partners, making us have better content in our daily links posts. For those who don’t know how those work, we send traffic to them, they send it to us. But it helps if the quality is worthwhile on both sides!

I’ll start:

Geekologie – We source them a lot on the site here, and on occasion our content overlaps as we can cover similar subject matter on occasion. That site was actually a big inspiration for why I started blogging in the first place, as I discovered it way back in college as one of my first introductions to the concept of a “blog.” That dude is crazy and funny, and his content is generally very interesting. He does more gadgetry and straight up geek stuff than us, and we have reviews and editorials and such while he doesn’t, but we do share common DNA.

ToplessRobot – Focuses more heavily on comics than we do, but also covers a lot of entertainment. They’ve got a memorable name (and hilarious logo), and their stuff is exceptionally well written.

Cracked – Yes, we link to them all the time, and there’s a reason. They pretty much invented the internet list game, and to this day, they do it better than anyone with extensive research and thought poured into each one of their posts.

Dorkly – CollegeHumor’s geekier brother, they do a lot of creative video and comic stuff. Helps to have the money and staff of CollegeHumor on their side, as it allows them to come up with some really unique and well-produced stuff.

JoBlo – Yeah, yeah, I’m biased since I’m also an editor there, but I think it’s a great place for movie news written for fans (like me) for fans (like you) and has been for the last 11(!) years. That’s like a dinosaur in internet time. My shift there is 11-4, so anything written during that time will likely be by me. Yes, this might be a shameless plug, but if you’re into movies, I think it’s a good place to chill.

So, that’s my very quick shortlist, though obviously I visit probably a hundred different sites a day for work and pleasure. I want to hear yours now! What are your favorite sites? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Apart from Unreality (hallowed be Thy name) I really like Cracked, because I’m a totally List-Addict, and also because of the many news, rumors and Infos to upcoming movies 🙂

    But If I gotta compare the reviews, then I prefer Unreality ones – they’re funnier 😛

  2. I have to say I discovered a lot of awesome sites from unreality but my favorites would be cracked and topless robot.

    Cracked because well, it’s obvious. Even though its full of articles that are easy to read and amusing, you also get the feeling that they did a hell of a research to come up with every single list and that comes out in the articles which makes me respect them

    Topless robot reminds me a lot of unreality. It feels like the grungy, more comic-nerdy younger brother whose coffee in the morning tasted awefully and the milk in the cereal was sour and he channels that negativity in an extremely hilarious way commenting whats going on in the geek globe.

  3. TheChive, unreality, toplessrobot, pajiba, 411mania, filmdrunk, grantland, twitch are the sites I check everyday. Unreality, toplessrobot, and 411 cover a wide a lot of bases in one go for me. I find twitch and pajiba to do the best job covering movies (foreign and domestic) while filmdrunk is less so, but with more humor. Grantland is new and tackles sports and pop culture and features a few of my favorite writers. And, thechive is just awesome.

    Free podcast interviews of comedians by Marc Maron. Recent Amy Poehler one was interesting. Highly recommend giving this a chance.
    Great gaming site. Lots of indie reviews. In depth and funny as well.
    Snarky opinions and news.
    For when you want to hear it the way it is. If you like violent imagery and obscene language that is…
    A series of good comics, not a good comic series.

  5. I check out Unreality, cracked, grantland, and which hasn’t been mentioned yet. Very funny lists with 11 points each. Tackles a bunch of different topics. Highly recommend.

  6. I definitely enjoy both Cracked and, in addition to mental_floss (which is who initially linked to this site and made me aware of it) and ComicsAlliance. I’ll often check out Pajiba as well.

  7. is the 1st site I check daily. It’s a subsite of The Onion, with witty film/TV/music/pop culture critiques.

    Then I go to & I have a guilty pleasure website,

    But the best is I pull that up multiple times each day.

  8. and

    While they are branches of the Cheezburger websites, they’re still great for hearing up on interesting tidbits of news and information. What I most like about it is how quickly they get their information. Sometimes, I’ll see videos and other material posted on The Daily What days before it appears on this website or some other websites. It’s incredible. They posted Nyan Cat back when it was still known as Poptart Cat and only existed as a .gif animation.

  9. I check out unreality cracked dorkly and collegehumor on a daily basis. I check out because they post amazind graphic design pucs ranging from nature to sci-fi and games/movies.

  10. no questions your other fav website should be Kinda like unreality (movie, music, comics, geek new, cosplay) but I also do two podcasts a week This Week In Bullshit hosted by The All New Stooge (formerly of 2rrr 88.5fm Sydney) and Back To The Facts hosted by The Big Boys weekly movie trivia podcast. Also we have two more podcasts coming next month and the site gets updated atleast once a day (on average 5 posts a day).

  11. First thing I do every morning is checking out A.V-Club’s TV-Club. After that it’s on to Unreality, followed by Pajiba. If I have the time I’ll also look at UGO, TheChive and of course Reddit. And every afternoon it’s time for the new Cracked posts!

  12. Honestly, a fantastic topic! after years of loyally reading Unrealitymag numerous times a day I wish Paul could write for all the websites I read (but that might be a bit demanding.) Adding new authors to the site is understandably necessary and has in some cases shown us some really great writing. In particular; David R, Indy Zoeller and Benny Bedlam have penned some fantastic articles!
    I have started to visit the site less and less throughout the day though. I feel like the soul has been pulled in too many directions, with a few writers madly trying to create a clone with inane lists but some less than stellar execution of ideas. (I think you can guess who)
    Sadly though, this topic isnt new to me, so perhaps I can help with a link based on my recent searching:

    Same thing happened a while back with Topless Robot (actually what lead me to unrealitymag in the first place) and they eventually corrected the problem and have been gaining back lost ground.
    In all fairness, I’ll probably still be here when the bubble bursts, just maybe not as often. I’ll pop by for the good stuff, but will probably take the site off my adblock exception list

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