Debate of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Movie Romance?

Alright, so I know most of you probably hate Valentine’s Day as it’s a symbol of A) Corporate bullshit to make you spend money and/or B) Your crushing loneliness, but we’re at least going to talk about fictional romance for a minute here on the day of.

Yes, I’m a guy and I like action movies where buildings, cars, people and animals all blow up, but come on, most of us have a soft spot for a romantic movie or two.

No, it might not be The Notebook or Titanic, but there are many good films out there that just so happen to focus on a romance. I have a few of my favorites, Once, pictured above, being one of them, and more recently I thought 500 Days of Summer was excellent. And I’m not ashamed to admit that Love Actually is one of my favorite movies period, and I watch it at least once a year around Christmas time. There are about 47 different romances to choose from in that one movie.

So what’s yours? Or are you just going to pretend to be a cold-hearted bastard?

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  1. My wife and I both really enjoy Once, but La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful), while not strictly a romance, is definitely my favorite movie of all time. The first half of the film, where Guido pursues his Principesa is extremely entertaining and yet endearing. The second half of the film only reaffirms how much he loves his wife and his son.

  2. I think 500 Days is a trifle overrated.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my favorite movie about romance. In terms of entertaining romances in movies, I think Han and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back are near the top of my list.

  3. Brilliant idea for an article!

    And for this I shall give to you my top five favourite film romances, from five of some of my most cherished films.

    What’s curious to note is the fact that I like rom-com’s, in fact I’m ashamed to say I love quite a few of them and just to note, I’m definitely not gay.

    But truly, I think, the most effective and most loving of all relationships that are portrayed on film are usually those far removed from the idyllic/gimmicky common place city scenes found in rom-com’s, and are usually those found amongst a backdrop of something intense. Whether it be exploration, war, or injustice, this usually shows the sheer lengths these love-struck characters will go through for their respective loves, and the fact that such love blooms in such a harsh terrain makes the scent all the more sweeter, the soft touch all the more beautiful, and the emotion all the more endearing.

    For to love, and to be loved, is the most cherished thing anyone could ever wish for.

    And so, my list.

    Let me just say one last thing, that these pairings never fail in causing me to shed tears, and most especially the latter:

    Belle and The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

    Sam and Kathryn ‘Kissing Kate’ Barlow (Holes)

    Wall-e and Eve (Wall-e)

    Carl and Ellie Fredrickson (Up)

    Jenny and Forrest (Forrest Gump)

  4. I have to go with La Vitta e Bella (Life is beautiful). Not only the love he feels for his wife, but also for his son, which in the end ends up saving both of their life, and through his sacrifices, he saves the innocence of his son.

  5. @metz

    probably because ive seen it so many times that i notice little cheesy things about it. the first couple times i saw it, however, i wasnt thinking in the same manner. pretty much any time i feel down about a girl or lonely in general Garden State is my go-to.

  6. For me the greatest romantic movie must be the combo Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (especially Before Sunset) for the awesome and incredible sense of reality that movie has… And the fact that is in real time really adds up to fact that it could actually happen to you. Plus, the tag line was perfect “what if you have a second chance with the one that got away….”

  7. 500 days of summer and Eternal sunshine on a spotless mind are already named so I’ll go for a unorthodox one.

    Hot Shots! with Valeria Golino, my first movie crush. It’s also my favorite crappy/awesome movie.

  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, True Romance, Lost in Translation, In the Mood for Love, Secretary, High Fidelity – great romantic movies (some romantic in their own nontraditional ways, which I love)

    And def agree with Once. Beautiful.

  9. I’d have to go with Will Hunting’s love-interest in Good Will Hunting.
    I mean, you have Affleck-Damon bromance, Robin Williams reminiscing, and the protagonists love interest.

    “I had to see about a girl.”

  10. @ illeaturfamily

    haha fair enough. Good choice either way. On another note, going way out on the limb hear I’d say also A Knight’s Tale. I mean cmon it’s Heath. Oh and that actress (i forget her name) is a hard 10.

  11. Oh man, just one Wong Kar Wai movie mentioned? Much love for Chungking Express and Happy Together.

    The latter’s about two gay couples, but told in such a way that you forget that there’s homosexuality involved. Just two couples in the waning days of their relationship.

  12. The Fountain, 500 Days of Summer and Garden State. Not sure if everyone will agree with me that the Fountain is an romantic movie but hey, its a movie about everlasting love and never wanting to let go of life.

  13. I agree with Before Sunrise/Before Sunset.

    Also, My Sassy Girl (the Korean version)

    You might have to download that one, I don’t think it’s made its way over here.

  14. @Andy: OMG i was just about to put My Sassy Girl!! it’s my favorite romantic comedy of all time! it was so funny and touching. loved it!

    i would also put 500 days of summer, when harry met sally, and secretary

  15. Ellie and Carl from UP.
    Paul Varjack and Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    Wall-E and Eve from Wall-E.
    Harpo Marx and any blonde women from any Marx Brothers’ movie.

  16. John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick in ” Phenomenon (1996) ” also with

    , Forest Whitaker, Jeffrey DeMunn, Robert Duvall ! I also have to

    agree with ” The Fountain ” !!!

  17. 500 Days of Summer sucked.It’s boring, conventional and way too indie for it’s own good.Most romance movies I’ve enjoyed are the ones where there’s another element added to the mix besides a traditional relationship.

    Chasing Amy is probably the best romance movie I’ve seen.It’s unorthodox approach and subject matter makes it one of the best romance movies I’ve seen.I like the way how it also focuses on more than just the relationship itself, it also shows how it’s tearing two friends apart.Also, it’s not some crap about two teenagers or young adults in love.It’s about mature people, who are already experienced, and how they deal and analyze the situation.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.Not only great premise, plot and actors, but a superb soundtrack as well.I also liked the theme that love transcends all, even science and memory.

    Sweet November is also a great romance movie.Charlize Theron gives a great performance, and the entire “game” that her character builds makes you wish you could meet someone like her in real life.It has some cheese, but if you can get past that it’s actually a very enjoyable film.

  18. Some of my favourites include:
    Jamie (Colin Firth) & Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) from Love Actually (the kids’ storyline, Sam & Joanna was also great).
    Amelie (Audrey Tautou) & Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz) of Amelie.
    Buttercup (Robin Wright) & Westley (Cary Elwes) in The Princess Bride.
    Trystan (Charlie Cox) & Yvaine (Claire Danes) from Stardust.
    Satine (Nicole Kidman) & Christian (Ewan McGregor) in Moulin Rouge!.

  19. Even though it ends horribly I think Blue Valentine is probably one of the best romance/dramas of all time. It’s so emotionally draining that by the time I got out of the theater I thought I was just gonna sit and cry for hours.

    @Schizer I haven’t seen the movie The Time Traveler’s Wife but the book is actually very well written and worth a read.

  20. Really? no one said Scott Pilgrim? Or Youth in Revolt? i love both but im a sucker for Michael Ceras awkward chemistry with anyone, hell i was even roothing for him and Maybe, even if they were cousins.

  21. My favorite is “Moment by Moment” made in 1978 starring Lily Tomlin and John Travolta!

    It’s my # 1 favorite movie ever!! I wish I were John’s character in that movie! I wish it were my romance!

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