Debate of the Day: Are Killstreaks Deserved or Unfair?

This is something that’s been on my mind since the original Modern Warfare, where the concept of killstreaks always irked me for a few reasons. There are two sides to two different debates about the implementation of the killstreak system, and I’ll briefly touch on them here so you can comment.

First, the argument is that killstreaks reward players who are already kicking ass. Now, you can either say , well, it’s hard to get that many kills in a row, so people that do should be rewarded for it. But conversely, if someone is SO good that they kill 11 people in a row, does the game really need a helicopter strafing around the map racking them up 11 more kills with the other team barely able to even combat the devastation that’s raining down on them?

The second issue is that killstreaks promote camping. Many a time the people I see getting the biggest killstreaks have been sitting in a room pointing at a door with claymores all around them. Running around puts you at greater risk of being shot from any unseeable angle, while sitting in a corner does not.

But conversely, I’ve gotten some of my best killstreaks running around with a silenced submachine gun, as I just so happen to flank the entire ¬†enemy team and quietly murder them all. And as for that camper? Well since I now know where he is, I can flash bang his ass and jam my knife down his throat next time if I so choose.

I think Black Ops has fixed a lot of the issues with killstreaks, as it’s made them less dominant than they were in previous games. I don’t find myself constantly getting drilled by predators or ravaged by harrier jets, and it does feel nice to be rewarded when I earn them myself.

What do you think about killstreaks?

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  1. Kill Streaks can go either way. It’s nice to get awarded for your achivement but it can also be disscouraging if your getting bombarded with them. I’m all for awarding good players, what kills me is awarding bad players with Death Streaks. Everyone that plays have bad matches but Death Streaks are simply a crutch and should be in no game. It’s on the same level as awarding everyone a trophy even if they didn’t win.

    I feel Black Ops did them right for the most part (RC-XD at only 3 Kills…really?) where they don’t stack the kills to get to the next tier. It might promote camping for the weak players but the good players will still be getting the high kill streaks.

  2. They don’t count towards your next one in black ops. I think that some kill streaks should be allowed, something like a napalm strike which will only rack you about 3-5 kills isn’t too damaging to the other team and it still rewards the player. But I agree that something like chopper gunner that can literally tear apart the other team doesn’t make sense. They did put in the care package, which allows some of the badder players to have a chance at the high end kill streaks. What I would like to see is a kill streak that makes it so after you get 8 kills without dying, every kill from there on nets you double the exp or you get paid for every kill.

  3. Campers don’t tend to get killstreaks unless they are playing against shitty players. It should be noted that holding a tactical position is not camping. Gaurding an objective is something they should be doing, and if you keep running into their line of fire, that says more about your ability than theirs…

  4. The way Black Ops redid the kill streaks is perfect i think. They don’t count toward your next kill streak making it just as difficult to keep your kill count going. The RC-XD is pretty awesome to get right of the bat but they are easily stopped if your paying close enough attention. The return of doggies and being one of the top killstreaks puts a smile on my face no more 7 kill then have a horde of pissed off dogs coming to bite you in the face.

  5. I think the way the killstreaks were designed in mw2 were fine. Sure, the chopper gunner and ac130 were alittle devestating, but for the most part, any and all killstreaks could be shot down. The best thing about MW2 was that every crazy advantage had a counter. If you dont keep a class with cold blooded and your stinger, then you deserve to have the pave low kill you 6 times.

    If you dont liek the guy running 200 miles and hour and stabbing your face off, the equip the shield with marathon and lightweight and break him down.

    Black ops is kind of trash. some great things were added (customizations,wager games are fun, etc) but the game play itself is a huge decline from mw2.

    I would have rathered a Dl for mw2, for like $30, with all MW1 (COD4) maps (imaginge pipeline and backlot), maybe 3 new guns, a new killstreak, and 2 new perks.

  6. Battlefield and subsequently BF Bad Company 1 & 2 reward killstreaks, but only after 6 or 8. And even then its just a bonus points tacked on at the end of the round towards your career point total, and is minimum at that. So its a reward, but its not weighted heavily enough that its worth it to spawn campers.

  7. I agree with Adam.
    Holding down a position is necessary for the existence of flanking. If there is no frontline to assault, how are you supposed to ambush it?

    Sadly, half the players I meet have no idea what a flank is, burst fire, or even the concept of cover.

    Now for killstreaks.
    The aerial killstreaks were never that bad in MW 1 and 2. If you see that the enemy has a habit of using them against you, just switch to a class that has Cold-Blood (or Ghost in Black Ops) and a SAM launcher. Simple.
    And Predator missiles didn’t require shooting, just sidestepping.

    The dogs in Black Ops however, are nothing short of diabolic. I’ve never won a round that had those suckers unleashed on my team.

  8. After more than a week playing black ops, I can safely say that its flaws far outweigh its perks. The lag is terrible, there are 2 guns because all others are unusable, The wait time between games is like 4 minutes, the players never talk, the maps are like rat mazes and very unrealistic, the graphics are too much for the 360’s processor, the jump to prone skill is a giant headache for people who use prone a lot. There are around 14 maps but because of the broken voting system you only see 3-4 of them ever. It makes me sad to know that MW2 was SO much better and they just killed the whole thing with this peice of junk. It should not take 6 bullets to the face to kill someone. and a shotgun should have a longer range than 5 feet. The kill streaks are boring and the physics are poorly programed. Although the doogs are extremely easy to avoid, I’ve yet to be killed by one. All you have to do is stand behind a desk or on a roof and shoot them. They can’t climb ladders. I’m getting BFBC2 for the PC and I’ll going to sell this peice of trash before anyone else realizes how bad it is.

  9. Don’t like Killstreaks. Completely abandoned the Call of Duty games for Bad Company 2. Far funner game in my opinion. No campers, and even if you don’t do too well you can still help out your team. Also you have to use strategy instead of reflexes, something I am far better at. Also not so ridiculously unrealistic.

  10. I feel that people can see the good or bad about a game, according to the expectations they had for it in the beginning. The killstreaks arent that bad. All this controversy over the car is kind of retarded. its an RC car that you can hear coming a mile away, and its slow enough to shoot or avoid by simply climbing something. I also dislike the range on the shotgun, but there are plenty of positive characteristics. The problem is people arent judging this as a new game like it is, stop comparing it to MW2 because its two different developers….. As a last word, I’d like you all to stop bitching about it. If you don’t like the game, stop playing it and go play fuzion frenzy or something. Enjoy what you get, because if you don’t you’re gonna be very bored playing the old games when everyone else moves on because they are more tolerant than you are.

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