Debate of the Day: A Buffy Reboot?

Alright, so ever since Madison embarked on a journey to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I realized how many fans were lurking around on the site here, which really shouldn’t have been a surprise. And now, with the latest news that Warner Bros. is planning a reboot of the franchise for a new movie, I wanted to take the temperature of how you, the fans, feel about that.

The catch? No Sarah Michelle Gellar, no Joss Whedon. Yup, the thing is ditching all its past associations, and heading into uncharted territory. Here’s what the producer has to say about it:

“Whit approached us with an exciting idea about how to update Buffy,” said Roven. “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return to the big screen. We’re thrilled to team up with Doug and Roy on a re-imagining of Buffy and the world she inhabits. Details of the film are being kept under wraps, but I can say while this is not your high school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be.”

You hear that, “active fan base”? They’re talking to you! Aren’t you just so pumped about this? But better perhaps is the response Buffy creator Joss Whedon had to this news:

“I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. I don’t love the idea of my creation in other hands, but I’m also well aware that many more hands than mine went into making that show what it was. And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly. I can’t wish people who are passionate about my little myth ill. I can, however, take this time to announce that I’m making a Batmanmovie. Because there’s a franchise that truly needs updating. So look for The Dark Knight Rises Way Earlier Than That Other One And Also More Cheaply And In Toronto, rebooting into a theater near you.

Always the funny guy. It’s too bad that somehow Whedon has no legal means of fighting this, as I’m not quite sure how he managed to give that up. Are there ANY of you fans out there excited for the possible return of Buffy? Or is it the Whedon-created Gellar character you miss, not just the character as a concept?

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  1. Joss lost part of the rights when the first movie was made. That’s who is leading this “reboot”. I admit that I enjoy the movie, and it was the reason I started watching the series in the first place, that being said the series was far superior and anything they try to do outside of Wheddon’s universe will probably fail miserably, Especially since Joss is being vocal about it.

  2. no. just no.

    the series was great and ended in the best way possible (for joss whedon), and i still love the comics.

    a buffy without any characters or ideas from the whedonverse is probably going to be a thinly-veiled vampire diaries/twilight buy-in to make money off of vampire-loving emo whores.

    No fan should support this movie.

  3. the only way i’ll support this is if buffy is a total badass. the last thing we need is a story about buffy swooning like a little punk over a vampire with platinum hair dye.

    it’s a reboot, so i don’t mind if the story contradicts the series.

  4. is this going to be like the spiderman reboot? totally unconnected to the movie/tv show? i’m also terrified who they’re going to cast as buffy.

    this is just beyond a terrible idea. terrible.

  5. If its just a knock off using a Whedon style then no. But hey, forgetting its “Buffy” kick ass girl fighting scary vampires rather than falling in love with sparkly ones? I’m up for that ride again.

  6. It’s not going to be the TV Show. This works for Batman and many other superheroes, and usually i’m not worried, but this just sounds like a quick cash in. Still i’ll admit it’s very hard for me to imagine a Buffy being any good without the cast and crew who original made it. That was a very singular series. It wasn’t just the writing or funny dialog. It was the specific plot points and twists and turns along the way that really made a perfect storm.

  7. it’s not so much the thought of a reboot but the timing that bothers me. Vampires are only really popular with tweens these days because of twilight and all the copycat books, so this might be a way to cash in on that. If not though then I’ll stay on the fence about it, I think it will either work or fail awfully

  8. This is the stupidest fucking idea I have heard in a long time, and you’re looking at someone who works with politicians on a regular basis. There is no possible way to make a Buffy reboot and succeed. No matter how good or bad it is, today’s moron teenagers won’t appreciate it and the “active fan base” will shun it as the generic rip-off cash-in it is.

  9. Actually Gale. Twilight ripped off True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries was a very popular book series in the early 90s of course better written. The Sookie Stackhouse novels were always very popular too. Twilight only came out in the last 5 years.

  10. I am a part of the “active fan base” and this is a horrible idea any way you look at it. Stupid, clueless, greedy and disrespectful people shouldn’t be allowed to be near Buffy. I feel sick – and angry.

    And this is coming from someone who hasn’t been worshipping everything Whedon, but I do bloody well give credit where credit is due.

    I’m with Jo-Jo all the way on this one.

    (And Velovan.)

  11. The fail is strong with this one. I predict awfulness and a quick exit from theaters. They already tried Whedonless Buffy. It had goddamn Luke Perry in it and it sucked.

  12. There’s so much opportunity in the franchise without the need for a reboot. What about a story focusing on a different Slayer? You could set it somewhere else, like Nepal or whatever, and really go to town with local actors and styles to make it authentic.

    Maybe that’s the Slayer who dies and passes the mantle on to Buffy, allowing a brief tip of the hat to the original right at the end. Buffy’s first Watcher walking into the High School, telling her her destiny. For a bit of publicity, you could even get Joss in to direct the final scene.

    Fuck, can I write this please?

  13. Avid Buffy fan, and gotta say this is a stupid idea….they’re just in it to jump on the idea of where the Vampire methos is right now (it’s basically just directed to teenage kids right now…e.x twilight etc.). Buffy = teenage kids = money.

    Why do they have to call it Buffy at all anyways? Just make up there own character, especially if it’s going to be in theaters anyhow, just name it something else.

    Anyways the only reason Buffy as a television was popular, the way it was, was b/c it was whedon’s buffy…..he gave her the personality that we all came to love.

    I dunno, Hollywood just knows how to take ideas a fuck with it, just t make a buck.

  14. This is a terrible idea for sure! But because I am a fan I will go to the theater to watch this -damned to be- monstrosity. I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope they don´t screw up to badly. If so I will just ignore it like I do with the original movie. I have to admit I am curios which characters of the Scooby gang will be used…will all of them be there, some of them or will they all get the boot?

  15. @wildlife
    They can`t use any of the characters from the TV series, because they only have the rights to the Buffy character.
    This IS a terrible idea and if you`re a fan of the TV series you should NOT go to the theater to watch this.
    You would only support this soulless, greedy system, that bring us movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

    I would be interested in a “tough girl fights monsters” – movie.
    -maybe another slayer within the Buffyverse (Fray?)
    -or a “Hack/Slash” comic adaptation

  16. No Buffy without Joss.

    It was his passion that made Buffy the Phenomena. He put together the core Scoobies that made Buffy more than a high school drama with monsters. He drafted the overall arc of the show that spoke of empowerment and belief in collective effort.

    Hence, there is no Buffy without Joss.

    In the hands of those money-grubbing, I mean, less passionate producers, it is NOT BUFFY. It will be yet another ‘pretty girl kicks vamp ass’ story, which, as a genre, will probably be a lot less developed without Joss in the first place.

    Why the heck does BtVS need a reboot anyway?

  17. The only way this would’ve gotten me excited was if Joss Whedon was at the helm . . . like he fucking should be. WB makes me.

    Anyways, if he was writing/directing/everything it, I think Brie Larson (Envy from ‘Scott Pilgrim’ or Kate from ‘United States of Tara’) would’ve been perfect for the role of Buffy Summers.

  18. It’s gonna suck.

    No whedon, no Sarah (or rest of the cast for that matter).

    It’s crap to, because in past interviews MANY of the cast members have stated they would be all for a ‘buffy’ movie. as long as it was with the old cast, same directors/writing team etc. (all familiar and good teamwork/effort etc.).

    as to how Whedon can’t fight it it’s because the writers/producors of the awful 90’s movie (that came before the series) retain legal/ceative rights.

    so sadly whedon can’t do much.

    Maybe we can get a petition going to stop this mess before it gets started :S

  19. I’m split here. See, I liked the first movie. LOVED the series. And would like to see more live-action Buffy…

    But is it Joss, Sarah, Michelle, Allyson, Nicholas, Anthony, Amber, Seth, Charisma, James, and David that I miss? I think so. If they “reboot” Buffy, they better “reboot” Angel, too!

    I’m sure if and when it comes out, I’d go see it. But I’m nervous. I mean, what if it’s complete crap? But, then again, what if it’s awesome?

    That’s just me, though…


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