A Truly Disturbing but Accurate Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader

I think this picture might be from the archives but we never posted it here on Unreality.  And since Mr. Tassi loves finding weird stuff with Darth Vader (as do I) it was a must post.

Here you may see a messed up costume, but I see one of two things.  The first are the coolest parents in the world.  To actually dress up your kid this way is something most parents do not do and they should be commended.

However, my second thing is more likely the truth:  ridiculously dorky annoying Star Wars fans forcing their child to wear this thing.  Either way it doesn’t change the badassness of these garbs.

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  1. Would anyone here believe that that’s me? Also, the Darth Vader thing was MY idea. I didn’t have the helmet because our school didn’t allow things to cover our entire heads.

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