Darth Monet Finds Your Lack of Artistic Appreciation Disturbing


I originally titled this picture “Darth Van Gogh” because I slept through Art History in college, but I was told “Darth Monet’ was the way to go here.

I’m pretty sure this is a real painting, rather than a series of clever photoshop filters, but again, if this is some famous Monet that’s stroke for stroke identical except for Vader, I once again apologize for my ignorance.

In any case, I’d really like to discover that the artist did a whole series of Star Wars characters like this (it appears he’s just done Simpsons characters though). I’d love a Picasso Yoda, a Michelangelo Chewie and a Andy Warhol Slave Leia. I feel like that last one HAS to actually exist somewhere.


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  1. It’s a Monet that Vader has been inserted into. We have a print of the actual Money at home and it;’s my wife’s favorite painting. If I remember correctly, the actual painting is titled “Woman with a umbrella and child” or “…parasol and child” something similar. Monet’s wife and child are the subjects.

    The actual Monet is in the Natonal Art Museum in Washington D.C. or at least was in 2005 when we saw in in person.


  2. You should probably use the artist’s (digital artist David Barton, not Monet) actual title “Vader With Parasol”. It’s digital art not an oil painting, but this doesnt make it any less impressive. It’s far from a ‘series of clever photoshop filters’, digital art requires skill and talent just like traditional painting. The guy’s site says he used Painter X and Photoshop.

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