Damn it Dragon Age, You’re Cheating

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Longtime readers of the site will know that no game and I hate each other more than Dragon Age: Origins. It’s one of the only games I’ve ever bought and traded back almost immediately, due to it’s insane difficulty curve, muddy graphics, backwards character interaction system and unplayable control scheme. My perception of my beloved Bioware was tarnished forever, and so of COURSE I have no interest in the sequel.

Well, in their best effort to win me back, they’ve enlisted geek ginger hottie Felicia Day to play an elven assassin in a new web series based around the game. Damn you Bioware! You know that no male nerd is immune to Felicia Day! I’m involuntarily dialing Gamestop to preorder this right now.

Just kidding, I’ll never buy this game even if Felicia Day came to my house and whispered in my ear that it was forged by the gods to be the single greatest video game title that’s ever existed. Trust is a hard thing to win back.


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