10 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave Creation

Man caves have become “must haves” in most homes, with families turning their basements, offices, and even extra bedrooms into these dedicated spaces. If you plan on adding one to your home, then the tips below will help ensure it turns out to be amazing.

1. Decorate with Custom Posters

Custom posters are great for using in man caves because they can be printed with images of movies, animals, the family, or any other theme you plan on going with. For added flair, the colors that show up on the poster prints tend to be much more vibrant than those in traditional prints. Making them even better, these pictures are easy to hang thanks to them being so lightweight. You can even order these with or without frames so you can choose a style that’s completely unique to this space. Whether you have a large wall of space to fill or just need a few pictures for small accent pieces, canvas prints are the way to go. You can personalize them the way that you’d like and create something fun for your cave.

2. Use a Decanter

Chances are, your man cave will be the place where you go to relax and have a drink. For this reason, a decanter is an important piece to bring into the room. While it can hold your favorite liquor or wine, it will also add a nice piece of classy decor to the space. This would be perfect for a small bar area or even placed on a shelf where it can be used as a decoration. Amazon.com has a great list of decanters – choose one that matches your style.

3. Invest in a Recliner

Nothing says relaxation quite like a recliner that you can sit in for hours of glorious comfort. These come in a range of fabrics and price points, with some of the luxurious options offering massaging features. Even if you have a couch in your man cave already, you should think about bringing in a recliner because of the sheer comfort it can offer.

4. Find the Right Television

The right television is perhaps one of the most important parts of any man cave. While size should be considered, the features are also critical in choosing the right option. If you plan on connecting to WiFi and using streaming services, then a smart television will likely be best. If you plan on gaming, then make sure the tv you choose has the best image quality so you don’t miss anything. When it comes to something to mimic the movies, there are even projection screens you can buy.

5. Consider What Games You’ll Play

Aside from electronic gaming, you should think about any other games that you might want to play when in this room. For example, a pool table can be a great investment because it’s entertainment for you, your family, and friends. However, a small table for poker games can also be an excellent addition if you love to have poker nights. If you have a bigger budget and more space, you may even want to consider some vintage arcade games for nostalgic fun.

6. Create a Bar

If you have a small bar, then stock this with your favorite drinks as well as beverages that your friends will enjoy. A mini fridge can go a long way in keeping your drinks cold and ready-to-enjoy. Bar stools should also be placed around this area so you have optional seating right where drinks are made. If you don’t have a bar, then a bar cart is something you’ll want to invest in. Stock this with drinks, cups, and an ice holder to keep things in the same space.

7. Add a Bathroom

There’s nothing better than a private bathroom where you can do your business without anyone bothering you. If you have the budget and space, try to make this a part of your man cave. Add in a nice candle and you’ll be set!

8. Consider the Temperature

If this room doesn’t get a lot of air, then consider bringing in a portable unit that can pump hot or cool air in. This will keep the room comfortable throughout the year. If you’re not in a basement, then it’s best to use outside air for better circulation.

9. Think About Music

One great way to add a rustic touch to your man cave is to buy a record player. This can spin your favorite songs in a way that’s much more unique than online streaming.

10. Achieve the Right Lighting

In a man cave, the right lighting can set the mood for an all-night poker game or online gaming marathon. This is why it’s worthwhile to hire an electrician to set up light dimmers or even smart lights to help keep the space properly lit.

If you’re ready to get started with your man cave, don’t forget to take these tips into account. They will help ensure you look forward to visiting this space every day of the week.

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