Cozy Costumes And More For Disney Movie Maniacs

Except for Halloween and other special events, Disney has strict policies banning anyone over 14 from wearing costumes in their parks, but that doesn’t mean super fans need to ditch the themed wear. Rather, with so many stylish collaborations and branded pieces that are park appropriate, you can sport different Disney clothes every day. And of course, that’s not to discount the importance of full costumes. While you may not be able to wear full princess regalia to the park, there are plenty of ways to adapt traditional costumes to your daily life.

Celebrating Mickey At 90

Mickey Mouse turned 90 in late 2018, and to mark his debut in Steamboat Willie, a number of brands released exciting Disney collaborations. Check out Karen Walker’s pieces for a fun and feminine take on this Disney classic, including an array of Mickey tees and pink clutches that are perfect for a night out. Of course, Karen Walker isn’t the only big name in the Mickey game. Rag & Bone also has a Disney collab with a variety of unisex styles, such as a grumpy Mickey sweater with a slouchy style, a cozy Mickey coat, and some can’t miss sneakers striped with Mickey’s signature colors.

Mermaids Made For Summer

Summer is around the corner – or, if you’re in sunny Orlando, it’s just summer all the time – and Torrid is ready to dress you for warmer weather. Their Little Mermaid line includes a totally chic seashell romper, as well as a bikini that will slide right past the “no costume” rules; with a scale patterned bottom and purple top, the bikini channels Ariel perfectly. You can also swap that princess style for something a little more evil if that’s your preference by topping it with the mesh Ursula cover-up. Now you’re ready to hit the pool.

Consider A Cozy Alternative

Just because Disney trips tend towards warmer weather doesn’t mean you don’t want to cozy up and watch movies under a blanket sometimes, and honestly, what’s more Disney than a fuzzy costume? Just think of the classic Mickey costume, or favorite characters like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – they’re warm and fuzzy, if really hot inside.  With all that in mind, make sure you pick up an adult onesie in your favorite character’s style. You can wear it while watching movies or for a lazy day around the house, or even wear it to the store, a concert, or another event. Onesies are everywhere right now, so embrace this opportunity to be a little silly. It’s good for the soul.

Continue The Pajama Party

If an adult onesie isn’t sufficient for your pajama needs, don’t worry – Disney has you covered. Sport the princess pajamas from Ralph Wrecks the Internet, including Aurora’s “Nap Queen” combo and Ariel’s “Gizmos & Whoo-Its” t-shirt and shorts set. Need to keep out the chill? You can also grab Elsa’s “Just Let It Go” sweatshirt or Tiana’s “NOLA” top, all seen in the Wreck It Ralph sequel.

Get Disney Fit

Finally, Disney would never overlook the fitness buffs like those who run their marathons, and now you can get fit while princesses cheer you on. In collaboration with Raw Threads, Disney recently released workout wear made from lightweight Bamboo Performance Technology and UPF 50+. The gear also features inspiring phrases like “I run like a princess. Try to keep up” and “Race you to my castle.”

A ban on costumes will hardly keep hardcore Disney fans from dressing in their best-themed duds in the parks and in their day to day lives, and the options for adults are better than ever. So what will you wear?

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