Companion Cube Head Seeks Justice

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You thought you’d just throw him down the incinerator huh? Well from the depths of the inferno rises the Companion Cube once more, and in some bizarre Aperture science fair project, he now has a body to boot.

He’s not quite as menacing as his brother Pyramid Head, mostly due to the array of hearts that populate his face, but I doubt it’s someone you’d want to meet alone in a test chamber.

I’ve since moved on from Portal 2, but the great content keeps coming in. Good to see a fanbase so passionate, like artist PeterM in this case.

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    WHAT!!?! OH Unrealitymag?! I am sooo honored!!!!

    I love this site! I come here for my geeking out! and geek links and links. Oh my Jesus! It’s Here Oh man!

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