Five Secretly Amazing New Comics of 2017

Comic book enthusiasts have something to look forward to this year. The newest editions coming out have some truly amazing content, but there hasn’t been a lot of press or advertisement about it that we’ve seen. We know that it’s important to get the word out so you don’t miss out on getting your copies while they’re hot off of the press. We’re going to give a preview of what you can expect to find with five secretly amazing new comics for 2017 with few spoilers that won’t ruin the surprise, but rather, will get you excited enough to go out and get them for yourself.

From all appearances, most of them will feature a change in the overall tone that will make them even more interesting and hilarious for adult readers. They may not be the best choice for a younger audience as the content will be geared for more mature minds and the younger ones may not get the full meaning of the writer’s intent. This is totally okay because adults need entertainment as well. There will also be some great selections rated T for teens so every one is covered. Here is what is coming up.

1. The Flintstones

This comic is slated to be among the best comics of the 2017 year. You’ll find that the latest version coming out is a lot different than the cartoon series that we’re used to seeing as re-runs. Writer Mark Russel has combined his talents with Steve Pugh’s artistic flair to make each new issue a must read. It will feature a darker take with the same comedic values only in a more mature format that most adults can appreciate.

2. Archie Comics

The new Archie comics that are coming out for 2017 will pit Betty and Veronica against one another. We all grew up seeing them as two of the sweetest teens in the USA, but there are some surprises ahead as the two turn against one another. We’re not being given much information about exactly what their issues will be but we’re told that the two will butt heads big time. If you’re into conflict then this will give you a healthy dose as the two friends will go into battle with one another. The writers promise that the new editions will be filled with action and drama.

3. Teen Titans #4

DC comics is following through with “Damian Knows Best” in the release of part four for those of you who have been following the story line. In the January 25 edition you can continue to follow the action and drama. Find out what happens when Robin makes a deal with Ra’s al Ghul a deal as they go to trial through combat. A loss by Damian will result in the death of all of the Teen Titans, but if he wins, they’ll survive. He’ll be compelled to rejoin the League of Assassins with no hope of release even if he wins. This one is sure to be a nail biter as the action continues.

4. Superman Batman Saga of the Super Sons

These comics are DCs new editions and are available on Jan 25th, 2017. The Superheroes live on through their sons in this highly anticipated release. It is a must read for all Superman and Batman fans of all ages. The story continues with fantasy as well as situations that most of us can relate to. It would be nice to have the superhero dads as well as the abilities that they pass on through their genes.

5. Horrorhound

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated comics for 2017 is due to be released soon. Feiwel & Friends publishers have a publishing date of January 25, 2017 but the comic is not yet available. This is sure to inspire a sense of anxiousness for those who are awaiting its availability. The new issue will give us a closer look at what we can expect in film releases and there are quite a few of us who look forward to reading about new movie releases including Resident Evil, Blood Wars, and the latest news in comic books, toys and a look at the history of Underworld. It’s sure to be packed with a ton of interesting information that will give readers inspiration for the best buys for maximum reading and viewing pleasure.

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