7 Surprising Lessons I Learned At New York Comic-Con

I had the chance to check out the New York Comic Con this past weekend at the Jacob Javitz Center. Since getting out to the big San Diego event has been impossible (just like with my Viagra-popping granddad, something always magically springs up) I figured I should hit up the local Comic Con because it might be my only chance to experience the event live.

I was sure I’d prepared myself mentally for everything. I talked to attendees, presenters and even people that worked past events and I was sure I was ready for anything the Con would throw my way. Just because I was prepared, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised by a few things. Here are some things that surprised me while walking around the event.

The Size Of The Crowd

I’ve been to events at the Javitz center before and I’ve seen some large crowds but this was just off the wall. There were people hanging out inside, outside, in the food court, on the street, in the hallways and in my carry bag when I wasn’t paying attention. If I had to take a guess, I’m probably really underestimated, but I’d venture a guess of at least 20-25K people just for the couple hours I was in the building. Over the entire weekend, I can’t even make an educated guess. Mostly because I’m not very educated.

There Are Almost As Many Girls As Guys In Attendance

All the pics I’d seen from the other Comic-Con shows made it seem like, yes women did go, but most of them to just dress up or because their boyfriend dragged them to the show. Not the case, at least not at the New York show. For every group of fanboys running to a panel discussion there were little clusters of girls going bonkers for anime or flipping through stacks of old comics. If I had to give it a percentage, probably 60-40 male to female.

Everyone Is Overly Nice

Not that I expected a crowd of Juggalos or raucous crowds of crazy comic skinheads but the crowd incredibly cordial and super friendly. People apologized for accidental bumps or if they happened to cut you off while weaving through the crowds. On our way out of the convention center, a young kid approached my friend and politely asked him if he was going to return, and if not, if he could purchase his entrance badge. My friend just gave it to him because he was so damn nice about it.

There Are More People In Costume Than I Imagined

Again, I’ve seen the pictures, but a person can underestimate just how many people are in costume. Until you wait in line to enter and every other person is Mario, Rorschach or an incarnation of a certain Joker. You are almost out of place if you’re NOT in costume or at least wearing some type of t-shirt to signify how you pledge your geek allegiance.

Speed Dating Is Available

While my friend and I had no intention of attending any of the panels (though some did sound kind of interesting) we roamed around the main conference rooms just to kill some time. In the very last room of the hallway was a sign for “Speed Dating” and it wasn’t a joke. You know, and really, why the hell not? I made the observation that for every group of guys there was another eagerly enthusiastic group of girls milling around the Con. Why not try and make a love connection? You know you’ve got at least one thing in common; a love of all things comic and fantasy. Kinky.

People Are Dumb Enough To Bring Young Children

I’m not talking middle school kids, I’m talking about babies in strollers or kids barely old enough to say the word “dork”. Stroller aged kids that looked overwhelmed and frankly  little bugged out by the noise and mass of bodies hovering around. The main floor was packed wall to wall and it’s probably the last place you’d want to have a young child. Especially with some of the people hanging around. Like…

Pedobear Makes Appearances

Pedobear walked by and my friend asked “what character was that? It looked a hell of a lot like Pedobear.” It was Pedobear. Someone warn the toddler dressed like Baroness.

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