Caption This Picture: “Really Guys?”

I cannot think of a solitary reason as to why these two would not be paying full attention here.

Let the captions begin!

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  1. I can determine one thing from this photo.
    That woman’s crotch isn’t a camera… or Jimmy would be staring into it trying not to laugh.

  2. That BETTER be beer those two fuckers just spilled on on our backs!

    Loren, dont look it is just David Spade trying out a new character.

    If you look at it in seven days you die.

    and finally

    At least I am not Dane Cook.

  3. -They said come to the basketball game to find the “Clitoris”. Do you see it anywhere?

    -Jimmy-“No I don’t know what it is, I don’t even know where to start looking.”

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