It’s Not a Good Idea to Mess With These Guys


Clint Eastwood is a mere 79 years old and Morgan Freeman is going strong at 72.  After looking at this picture would you mess with these two? Nope, neither would I.

These guys are truly testaments to ignoring anything having to do with age.  Something tells me the duo will be doing movies until it kills them, literally.

And from what it appears, Invictus is going to kick ass.  By the way, what the hell kind of steroids did Matt Damon do to make this movie?  Check him out after the jump

Before Invictus

Matt Damon

After Invictus


P.S. if you didn’t know I was joking about the first picture and that it was from Courage Under Fire then it’s your loss.  Still though, what the hell hormones was this dude on recently?

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  1. I’ve been training with weights myself for several years and the speed at which actors put on and shed pounds just truly pisses me of. Yes im very jealous. What do they take?

  2. That before picture looks like something from around Good Will Hunting. Why would you put such an old image in there and act as if it was taken a year or two ago?

  3. Because um, it’s funny? And did you read the caption? It’s from Courage Under Fire.

    @Joe – having millions of dollars and a personal trainer helps quite a bit these days. Don’t sweat it big guy.

  4. He is pretty ripped, but I don’t think his bulk is much compared to most of those in the Unreality “7 significant body transformations” article.

    There are definitely hormones/steroids/etc. involved in a lot of these Hollywood transformations, but it can’t hurt to be motivated by millions of dollars and to have nothing to focus on but bulking up for several months. Most people have to fit workouts into their daily lives, while these guys are paid to do it, and have the help of trainers and dietitians. I bet most people would see significant improvements if they had the same resources.

  5. It’s weird because looking at him with his top on in publicity shots he doesn’t look this bulky…. at all…. he looks rather normal which makes me wonder if his body is some CGI because he is like The Hulk and this would show through beneath his T-shirt shots which it doesn’t.

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