Classic Shows Rendered in Miniature Form

This is a rather cool promo for a Belgian channel that shows a bunch of classic shows in miniature model form. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Spartacus, Californication, Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood. The list goes on and on, and I’m sure one of your favorites is in there as well.

I think what I’m most impressed with outside of the miniatures themselves is that there’s a channel in Belgium (Prime) that carries ALL of these shows. Are you kidding me? If there was a channel like this in the US, it would literally be the greatest channel on TV by far. This is about 15 of my top 25 favorite shows right here. How’d they manage to snag the rights to all these? Crafty Belgians…

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  1. That ad is amazing…and yeah theres a channel in the UK and Ireland like that now aswell. Its called Sky Atlantic and its done in partnership with HBO so we get most all of them shows plus a load of other good ones on the one channel

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