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I was nearing the end of Mass Effect 2 when I began to realize that Tali was actually a love interest in the game, despite not being an option in the original, a fact I bemoaned frequently as I liked her more than Liara or Ashley. Naturally, I gave up pursuing Miranda McPerfectRack this time and started hitting on Tali. Soon she was taking antibiotics and we were getting busy. Uh, so to speak.

Well, someone had even bigger of a crush on Tali than me, and decided to do an insanely detailed rendering of what she looked like under her breathing mask. There are two versions of this picture that have turned up, and I posted them both for comparison’s sake. I think the second one is a little too idealistic, as she’s essentially human. I think the glowing eyes one is a good balance between hot human and cool alien.

Annnnd now I’m going to stop talking about how hot digital alien girls are. Taaake a step back.

She is pretty adorable in the game though, you can’t deny that. Damn you Bioware and your emotional trickery!

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  1. second one looks too human in my opinion… but the first is kind of ugly…
    i need the second with those glowing eyes, that’d be perfect^^

  2. The one without pupils seem a little unfinished, but I prefer it over the one with pupils, it just seem too human.
    Either is better than the image I build in my head as a joke and couldn’t get out: They had 6 nostrils, a 3-joint jaw (I wonder how that works.) and unpleasent facialhair. 😀

  3. I do believe the second one is a bit to human. But if you put the eyes of the first on the second then instead of white eyes, blue glowing eyes like in the game. Then I think that would be awesome.

  4. I gotta go with glowing eyes but only because, in the video game, they look like there are glowing. Im not so sure about your decision about putting, what looks like, wrinkles in the face.

  5. for everyone saying they’d rather have the second one but with the glowing eyes of the first one…you are dumb. Did you even look at the pictures? They are the same exact image. The first is with glowing eyes and the second is without. That is the only difference between the two.

  6. i think she may look like garrus or any turian if you pay attention to the talks with she mencioned that they share dna, besides like the turians they have 3 fingers and the shape of the legs is similar

  7. The second picture is better cause the first look’s like Tali is a demon.. But I do like the eye’s on the second one, and also the little details up to the big one’s look fantastic. I expect Tali to look like this in Mass effect 3. just my thoughts ^^

  8. Well maybe Tali with the white eyes but not so much white in the eyes if you know what I mean. Some time’s you can see Tali’s eyes through her mask so they appear white. But I still prefer Tali with colored eye’s it give’s her more character and plain make’s her more cute, in my opinion.

  9. There are two things separating the images, eyes and eyelashes. The second has thicker eyelashes making her look more feminine, in the first she looks more like a boy with cataract. Maybe all white eyes with defined eyelashes?

  10. This was spot on. That is almost exactly what she looks like! Hard to believe this was posted almost two years ago!
    If you romance Tali in Mass Effect 3 she eventually gives you a picture of herself, revealing her actual face. She has long dark hair, but this is spot on. Even those black things that I imagine come from the suit. I think bioware was heavily inspired by this picture.

  11. I was absurdly dissapointed with the portrait the game gave her. (Go look about how it was a barely altered stock photo). Then I found this and this is nigh perfect.

    The only issue I have with this is that I expected her to be paler (I also have a soft spot for pale skin) because she’s been trapped in a suit all her life and probably couldn’t get much color. (Things that don’t see the sun just tend to be paler, even if you’re not a melanin-deprived human)

    And maybe that there’s still pupils in the glowing eyes. Never saw pupils in the game… /shrug.

    All my criticism aside, I love the first picture, thank you Mr. Artist for making Tali’s face a reality =D

  12. I pictured the Quarians as a mix between Humans and Turians. Humanoid features but with the funky backwards knees the Turians have. I wonder how that would translate anatomically with a mostly human looking figure? Bioware shaped most of the races by their never-removed armor. We never REALLY see what a Turian or Krogan looks like underneath.

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