Cheaters Never Prosper: Starcraft II Map Hacking Revealed


Many of you are like me, currently trying to play Starcraft II on the ladder, and getting your ass kicked left and right. Well, it turns out there might be an explanation for this that DOESN’T involve you sucking. Map hacks are back with a vengeance, and this video is forensic investigation into one particular match where the player thinks he was playing a cheater.

With the upgraded replay capabilities of the new game, it’s quite easy to go back in and see what your opponent is seeing and document evidence like this. That’s exactly what PsyStarcraft does here, and though he can’t actually see the hack through his opponent’s vision, there are a ton of indicators that’s what’s happening. Mainly, his opponent is constantly checking on his base, which he can’t see due to the fog of war, and he has an almost prescient-like ability to predict where exactly he will be attacked, and he moves his units accordingly.

The best part about all this is that PsyStarcraft STILL kicks his ass in the end. The reason being that hackers usually aren’t terribly good at the game to begin with, and even with the correct unit composition, can still be overwhelmed by a better player.

Do you think you’ve ever been map hacked in a game? What tipped you off?

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  1. Wow! That kind of cheating/hacking is kinda obvious, don’t you think? To predict, where your enemy will strike can be considered luck for the first two times. But with such precision more than 3 times? Impossible…

    Guess I never met a hacker/cheater myself, maybe because I’m still a bit afraid of playing online 🙁

    But if any of you wants to destroy me or have a little sparring (maybe team matches) then add me^^
    Name: Limitus
    Char-code: 683

  2. That guy is just asking to get banned. As the guy above me pointed out, if you are going to map hack, you should probably be more subtle about it. Blizzard might not act immediately, but this isn’t some shit low budget RTS. They will eventually get you. Hope the free wins are worth his $60.

  3. I’ve played quite a few games in which I didn’t either earn or lose points afterward – something I thought was just a bug that needed to be fix in future patches… This video makes me wonder if I was playing against leet haxors – some who apparently still can’t win when they use em, as most of these games prevented me from earning points. So frustrating…

    Thanks for showing us the video – epic cheat fail: Vnrock couldn’t win despite having vision. How does that happen?? Worth a wry grin at least. X }

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