Five Unbelievably Awesome Chatroulette “Music Videos”

Chat Roulette

It seems that every few years or so something comes along on the internet that just grabs a hold of us in a way that we can’t possibly mentally grasp yet.  I believe Chatroulette is that something.

We are only at the very beginning of the thought process as to what we can do with this phenomenon.  However, slowly but surely we will start getting more creative and coming up with better stories and media surrounding this site.

For now, here are five amazing “music videos” from the new chatting “social media” giant…

Lady Gaga – Chatroulette Edition


Once you get past the craziness of this lunatic, watching people in the top screen is very amusing.

What is Love


I’m sorry but this song absolutely rules.

Rick Rolled on Chat Roulette


OK this song even rules harder.

Wait For It….


Minute 2:46

It’s either Dance or GTFO


Man Chatroulette is just a ball of entertainment.

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