Dream Casting a Realistic Super Mario Brothers Movie

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. is one Nintendo’s most famous games. There have been dozens of video games created and even a real movie in 1993. Unfortunately, the 1993 film was a huge failure. This could have been due to the timing, the lack of special effects, or just that people’s interest in the game was beginning to die down. If they were to make a Super Mario Bros. movie today, it could actually be more successful. The release of the new Nintendo console, the special effects that we have today, and maybe a new, fresher cast could make a remake of this movie successful.

Mario – Jack Black

Jack Black would make the perfect Mario. He is a relatively short and stocky man, which makes him a great choice physically. Regardless of his build, he is capable of moving fast and doing all of the physically demanding scenes that the Mario character would need to do. Best of all, he is a really funny guy. He is an amazing comedic actor, which he has shown in his films over and over again.

Luigi – Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper would make a great Luigi. First, he is tall and thin, which makes him the perfect contrast to Jack Black. He is also really funny. Just his facial expressions alone when he hears something insane makes him funny, not to mention his comedic timing. He has shown in films such as the A-Team and Limitless that he can handle an active role that requires stunts. Slap a 70’s porn star mustache on him and he would be the perfect Luigi.

Princess Peach – Jennifer Lawrence

Princess Peach is warm, sweet, loving, and very tough when she needs to be. These are all qualities that Jennifer Lawrence would play with her eyes closed. Like the other members of the dream cast, she has shown that she can also handle the physical part of playing Princess Peach. The best part is that she is one of the most popular actresses today. People would go see the film just for her.

Bowser – Ron Perlman

Bowser is supposed to be big, scary, and intimidating. Anyone who has ever seen The Sons of Anarchy knows that Ron Perlman is all of these things. While playing Clay Morrow in the hit series, he was able to show two sides of a character. He has the ability to be the guy you hate and also the guy who your heart breaks for. This would make him an excellent Bowser. Not to mention that he is no stranger to wearing monster makeup.

Toad – Jonah Hill

If Jonah Hill were willing to shave his head or at least put a mushroom cap on his head, he would make a great Toad. He is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood, and he has perfect comedic timing. The Toad in the new film should be a bit less infantile as the Toad in the original, but he still needs some level of immaturity. Jonah Hill would fit the bill perfectly.

Ludwig Koopa – James Franco

Ludwig is Bowser’s son, and he likes to think that he is some sort of a mad genius. This is a role that should come second nature to James. He is no stranger to acting offbeat in his roles, and playing characters who think that they are the best and dancing to a different drummer. He can also show a sweeter side, which makes him the perfect person for the role.

Wendy Koopa – Rachel McAdams

If you have ever seen the movie, Mean Girls, you know that Rachel McAdams can play the spoiled, sarcastic, little witch that is Wendy Koopa. She may be a bit older, however, since Ron Perlman is playing her father, it certainly is possible for her to play the role. Best of all, she can play one of the meanest girls on film. The reason that Rachel McAdams is best for this part is that she can play a spoiled brat as seamlessly as she can play the sweet girl, the confused girl, and the hurt girl. She has appeared in comedies and dramas. She is the whole package and can be a very believable Wendy.

Lakitu – Jimmy Simpson

Latiku works for Bowser. He is very smart and he likes to keep his hands clean. He says up in the clouds where it is safe. This would be the perfect role for Jimmy Simpson. If you have ever seen White House Down, you know that his character, Tyler, was one of the masterminds in taking down the White House. The only difference is that he wasn’t on the front lines fighting with the others. He stayed tucked away in the control room, watching everything on cameras and keeping himself safe. He may have died in the end, but he would be the perfect hands-off villain just like Lakitu.

The Hammer Brothers – Tego Calderon and Don Omar

The Hammer Brothers jump around, throw boomerangs, and chant. Anyone who has ever seen Calderon and Omar in The Fast and the Furious franchise, playing Leo and Santos would know that that is exactly what these two actors do best. They are constantly at each other’s throats and their back and forth banter is bickering is hilarious. Bringing these two men together again in a role as the Hammer Brothers could give the movie the comic relief that it needs.

The Director – James Cameron

The main reason that James Cameron comes to mind when it comes to directing this movie is the amazing job that he did on Avatar. He has a knack for combining reality with a cartoon type reality and making it work. As of now, there are three more Avatar movies in the making, thanks to the success of the first one. James Cameron can take part of the credit for that. He also directed Aliens, which is full of action and not all reality. Finally, his success with Titanic in 1997 makes him worthy of the job. He directed one of the greatest movies of all time.

Even though the original Super Mario Brothers movie didn’t break any box office records, it doesn’t mean that a remake can’t. With the dream team of actors, actresses, and the director listed above, this film could be a hit.


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