“Care to Comment Michelangelo?”

Behold, my favorite picture of the week. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. April always did seem a bit loopy in Ninja Turtles, but I never realized how much so. Turns out the entire series was all in her head, and this picture illustrates the reality of what was going on the whole time. It would also explain Splinter, as I’m sure there are plenty of rats running around insane asylums. And Shredder? The mean guard who makes her take her meds.

This is from artist Ben Newman, whose site I would link to if it wasn’t totally NSFW as this is one of his more tame pieces.

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  1. This is awesome. I think the artist knows his TMNT lore, too. The original sketch that spawned the entire idea for the Ninja Turtles was a doodle of a turtle with nunchaku strapped to its forelegs.

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