One More for the Road: Modern Warfare 2 Infinite Ammo Hack

Alright, so I know I’ve been going a bit overboard with Call of Duty the past few weeks, but my enthusiasm is slowly winding down and I promise that unless they come up with a nude mod for Soap MacTavish, this will be the last video I post on the topic. But man, this is a doozy.

It’s perhaps the most game-altering hack to date, as it allows players to not only have infinite ammo, but also never reload. And cram eighteen players into a game on Rust, and you have a recipe for mayhem. The multikills on the ground are impressive, but once the AC130 starts firing? Oh. My. God.

Check it out for yourself, and don’t tell me you’re not entertained.

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  1. And this is another reason why I rage quit this game and threatened to sell it back and use the credit to buy the latest Spyro The Dragon game.

    I’m going back to the douchebags in Halo and waiting until Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes out before I jump back into “modern combat.”

  2. The glitches and exploits in this game are getting ridiculous. You practically cannot go into a Domination match right now. Everyone is trying to do the infinite game glitch, and a bunch of jerks are doing this infinite ammo glitch. It ruins the game for the people who want to play legitimately.

  3. I read somewhere that Infinity Ward is on vacation for December, but some people are working through to patch these glitches. I commend them for that and also for quickly correcting these issues (relative to most other developers). But I cannot remember that last time a game had this many issues right after launch. Granted, there are about a billion people playing, so this is kind of to be expected, just out of sheer number. But I don’t remember Halo 2 (or 3) having all of this so prevalent and, while not as many played at launch as MW2, it was very similar relatively to how many were on XBL at that time.

    A friend works for IW, and he was up where I live for his sister’s birthday (whom I’m also friends with) and I didn’t have the heart to tell him how angry his game is and bitch at him for not having an open beta to help curb this type of stuff. The “private match” glitch. “Geo-glitching.” The “infinite ammo” glitch. There’s even a work around to legitimately get a room full of your friends in ranked multiplayer that only involves timing. Blergh.

  4. Every time I get into a hacked game like that, there is always someone in there ( usually on the top of the list ) with a clan tag of all four of the same letter (usually AAAA through dddd). I wonder what that means?

  5. @ Rob:

    One of the steps to setup a “private match” using the glitch is to change your clan tag, for whatever reason. They’re just picking the quickest and easiest change, hence just using four of the same letters.

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